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Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Wands tarot card from The Simple Tarot, with keywords and the tarot card meanings printed on the cards.

The Ace of Wands tarot card is definitely a good omen. It is the “hell yeah – go for it!” card. It pops up at the beginning of a new hot and sexy relationship or at the beginning of an awesome new job or creative project.

When you need a new and innovative solution to a problem or want to pull ideas “out of thin air,” this is the card you want to see. The Ace of Wands is the spark of something new, combining the wood of the wand with the element of fire to blaze something big into being.

It blazes with the urge to create. It could be a new career, a new baby, a new relationship, or a new direction in your life.

This card thrusts quickly with a desire to bring something new into being. It’s a lusty and action-oriented card. If you’re starting a new relationship, keep the wand under wraps if you don’t want a child!

Keywords for the Ace of Wands Tarot Card

  • New life, vitality, conception
  • The urge to create
  • A new career, project, or idea
  • The start of something amazing
The reversed Ace of Wands tarot card from The Simple Tarot.

Keywords for the Ace of Wands Reversed

  • A false start, delays
  • Things are not ready
  • Impotence issues

Patterns and Correspondences of the Ace of Wands Card

  • The Wands = rules the personality, ego, and personal power
  • Suit of cards = clubs
  • Timeline = days to weeks
  • Number 1 = new beginnings, starting on a journey
  • Element = Fire

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Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings for Love

This is an excellent card for love. If you are looking for a new relationship, something sexy and incredible is just around the corner. Follow your passions, interests, and desires and don’t let fear hold you back. This one is going to burn HOT!

This is an action-oriented card, though, so you must put yourself out there. Be an active participant in the process by setting up an online dating profile, saying “yes” to every invitation, and making the effort to try new things. Attend local MeetUps, sign up for a class or new activity, and schedule your social calendar with fun, new events. When you chase your passions, passion will chase you.

If you are in an existing relationship, this card is a cue to bring new life into your partnership. No more boring dinner-and-a-movie dates, or lazing in front of the computer or TV all weekend! Spice things up (in and out of the bedroom) by getting creative and finding fun and ridiculously silly new things to try together.

If you want to start or grow your family, this card is 100% supportive. Go for it!

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings for Work

Your dream job or project is headed your way. The Ace of Wands card carries the spark of a new endeavor, but you will have to follow it and bring it to life.

If there has been a passion project you’ve been putting on the back burner, this is the time to pursue it. Fit it around the edges of your daily routine if you must, and keep the project quiet if you don’t think you’ll have support. But once the project gets going, it will catch fire on its own and blaze into success.

Take the initiative and get creative about how you approach your daily habits and routine. You will need confidence and courage to follow your passion, but it will absolutely be worth it. Put yourself out there into new and challenging situations. You will thrive in a position or responsibility that is “over your head.” You are much more capable than you think.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings for Health

The Ace of Wands is a good omen for health, especially if you’ve been stuck in rut or have plateaued in your fitness or weight-loss goals.

The key is to let go of what has worked in the past or what works for other people. You are a unique and special snowflake and you must find the path, habits, and support system that works for you.

Look for innovative approaches or solutions to your health problems and shake up your routine by following your passions instead of following the crowd. This means trying new things until you find the fitness activities, cooking and eating routines, and lifestyle changes that light you up and fill you with joy and energy.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings for Money and Finances

If you are looking to invest your money in a new project, this card is a good sign. Be careful, of course, but the return will be high if you focus on bringing your passions to life.

This isn’t “win the lottery” money or passive income. You’ll have to do a lot of work to make this investment happen. But if it’s work you love, it’s the right path for you.

If you are struggling financially, just stop. Stop repeating the mistakes and habits of the past. Stop spending money you don’t have. Stop pretending things will get better on their own. These things are obviously not working! You will want to create new habits and systems to help you save and spend wisely.

Your money is your vote on what you want to exist in the world. Your spending (and your income and your investments) must align with your values.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings for Spiritual Guidance

Your intuition is on fire! Ideas are coming fast and furiously and you are easily able to bring them into action in your daily life.

This card is the spark for something new and includes new directions and thoughts on your spiritual path. The Ace of Wands is your cue to start following your own path, not the traditional or common route.

Follow your heart and dive right into your deepest, scariest desires and hidden thoughts. When you integrate them together, they’ll bring you to wholeness. By bringing awareness to what you love, desire, and fear, you will discover a deeper compassion and unconditional love for yourself. This will be the start of a radical, life-long, amazing love affair with yourself that will change your life.

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