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Understanding the Cups Tarot Cards

The Cups cards represent the emotions – and commonly love and family. They’re some of the most popular cards in the tarot deck, but they have many layers of meaning. It’s not all romance and happiness, although that often pops up when you see the Cups.

In this video, we’re going to cover the basics of the Cups tarot cards overall, so you can see how they relate to each other and to the other cards in your tarot deck.

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Cups are used when we toast in celebration, connect over meals, and drown our sorrows. The cards of the Cups suit represent your relationships and your emotional connections.

They have to do with love, friendship, connection, and affairs of the heart.

The Water element is represented by the Cups suit. The Cups cards will often have water on them, either as standing water, spilled water, splashing water, a fountain, or a river, lake, ocean, or even raindrops.

A person ruled by Cups (or the Water element) will be creative, empathetic, nurturing, intuitive, and caring.

If this energy is taken too far, it will become needy, overly sensitive, easily hurt, and demanding of attentional and emotional validation.

The Cups rule ALL of your relationships, not just your romantic ones. Partnerships, friendships, and family relationships are just as important as the affairs of the heart.

Detailed Tarot Card Meanings for the Cups Cards

For more detailed information about each of the Cups tarot cards, click on the card image below.

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