Daily Tarot Card of the Day: How to do a Daily Tarot Draw

Daily Tarot Card of the Day: How to do a Daily Tarot Draw

If you’ve started learning or reading tarot cards, you’ve probably heard people talk about doing a daily tarot draw, or pulling a daily tarot card of the day. What you might not know is that this is one of the most powerful ways that you can learn the tarot card meanings quickly, as well as strengthen your intuition and build a regular tarot practice.

This short video explains exactly how (and why!) to do a Daily Draw, or you can just keep reading…

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One of the most fun and powerful and effective ways to use tarot, especially on a daily basis, is by doing a simple daily draw tarot practice.

I know it might sound complicated or official, but really, it’s super, super simple, and it can be modified to fit your lifestyle and your personality.

So remember, there is no right way or wrong way to learn tarot, just like there’s no right way or wrong way to read tarot. There’s only your way and your way is the only thing that matters.

What is a Daily Draw?

In its most basic sense, the daily draw is a practice of pulling one card every day, usually in the morning, and asking a question like, What do I need to know about today?” or, “What is the energy of the day?” And then you journal your answer.

Then the next day you do the practice again. You read up in your journal the previous day’s entry and you see how that previous day’s cards energy played out through the day. And then you repeat pulling a new card and journaling, asking the same general question.

You keep up this practice day after day after day. It builds up a little bit of a feedback loop. Not only are you learning the card meanings as you go through them day by day, but you’re seeing how tarot plays out in your actual daily events.

Who does a daily draw? And why do they do it?

Really, anyone does a daily draw. It’s a fantastic tool for beginners because you do get that experience of building a tarot practice.

But also you get to learn a little bit about each card as deeply as you want, as the days go by. And because you’re pulling these cards randomly, and sometimes you’re gonna have “stalker cards,” you’re going to become very familiar with card meanings, at least on those cards that show up all the time.

It’s not just beginners who use this daily draw practice. Pretty much every tarot professional and advanced reader I know has some sort of daily tarot practice, and it’s almost always based off of or centered around the simple daily draw.

Why do a daily draw?

It’s a great way to learn the tarot card meanings.

It’s a great way to integrate tarot into your daily life.

It’s a really fantastic tool for building your intuition and your tarot confidence as you see it day by day.

It is fun! If you love tarot, you’re going to love doing a regular tarot practice, like this daily draw.

More advanced (and fun!) ways to do a daily draw

Be sure to watch the video about for more hints and tricks about doing a daily tarot draw, including tweaks you can make so that it becomes a regular practice that works for you and your life.

But most importantly, remember that this is supposed to be FUN! Enjoy your daily tarot practice, no matter what it looks like.

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