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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress tarot card from The Simple Tarot Deck, with keywords and the tarot card meaning printed right on the card.

The Empress tarot card shows a beautiful woman wearing a crown of twelve stars. She’s lounging in her abundant garden. A waterfall flows from the background into a field of wheat in front of her. The Empress stares boldly at you, welcoming you into her space.

This is the card for fertility and abundance, and for the lusty Earth energy of sensual pleasures.

This card often shows up in tarot readings about family and fertility matters. The Empress strongly indicates fertility, pregnancy, and very positive partnership and parenting skills.

In addition, this is a great card for initiating creative projects. The Empress is the “Earth Mother” who gives birth to all of your wishes and dreams.

She represents all things motherly (from an ideal mother sense) and she is paired with the masculine father-figure of The Emperor. (NOTE: The Empress represents an ideal mother, not necessarily your mother).

The Empress tarot card symbolizes and represents the characteristics of sensuality, femininity, abundance and pleasure.

However, when you see this card in a tarot reading it may indicate an actual woman in your life who plays the role of a maternal guide, domestic partner, or creative mentor.

Keywords for The Empress Tarot Card

  • Birthing abundance through creativity
  • Fertility, pregnancy
  • Marriage, good partnership and parenting skills
  • Abundant and sensual femininity
The reversed Empress tarot card from The Simple Tarot Deck.

Keywords for The Empress Reversed

  • Creative block, barren ground
  • Stunted growth, not yet ready to change
  • Fertility or pregnancy issues or issues with your Mom

Patterns and Correspondences of The Empress Card

  • Major Arcana = the teachers and lessons along your life’s path
  • Number 3 = “and baby makes three”
  • Zodiac signs = Taurus and Libra
  • Planet = Venus for love, beauty, and sensual pleasures
  • Element = Earth

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The Empress Tarot Card Meanings for Love

This is a very positive card for a long-term and traditional romantic relationship. If you desire a happy marriage, family, and/or babies – this is a great card for you.

But it’s also a great card if you are looking for more of the sensual side of love. Bring out your playful sensuality and creativity to your love life. Learn how to take care of your own pleasure and practice enjoying the fun bits of intimate connection with a partner (or a few).

Be careful, though! This is an extremely positive card for fertility and pregnancy, so keep it wrapped if you don’t want babies.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings for Work

The Empress births new projects in an abundant garden. But gardens take work. They don’t happen on their own. Be prepared to plant the seeds, tend your garden, and work for the harvest.

She’ll provide the abundant harvest, but only with your desire, dedication, work and direction. The work doesn’t need to be drudgery (in fact, it shouldn’t be!), but The Empress only works when you do.

This is a great card if you’re looking to start or grow a creative project, either professionally or as a side hustle. The Empress LOVES creativity and artistic endeavors.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings for Health

Abundant health will be yours if you take the action to make it so. The Empress demands you put in the work before you can harvest the fruits of your labor.

So, yes, you’ll have to eat well and in moderation, and you’ll have to exercise in a way that pleases you. When you take care of yourself, The Empress will deliver.

If you’re stuck, think of The Empress in her garden. Eat lots more vegetables at every meal and spend as much time as you can outside in a beautiful, natural place. You’ll get to lounge like her after you’ve done the work of planting the seeds and maintaining them daily.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings for Money and Finances

When you want more money, resources, energy, time, or whatever you desire, The Empress will help you get it. But heed the advice above about work. You need to put in the effort before your efforts will be matched with abundance from The Empress.

You can’t sit around waiting for things to happen. The Empress requires action, creativity, and initiative before she’ll deliver.

But if you do the work aligned with your natural talents and passions in a way that benefits others, The Empress wants nothing more than your abundant success. She – and the Universe – will reward you financially and in all other ways.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings for Spiritual Guidance

Spiritually, The Empress reminds you of the importance of the sensual pleasures of life. Yes, they’re fleeting, but that’s exactly why they need to be appreciated.

Don’t sacrifice the enjoyments of connection and sensual delight in your quest to become enlightened and spiritually whole.

Our relationships can be our biggest challenges and teachers. Becoming vulnerable and intimate with others is an excellent way to understand your own desires, fears, and patterns. It also lets you practice the spiritual lessons you’ve learned. Create a supportive and loving circle of friends and grow together.

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