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The Fool Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

In its upright position, The Fool card stands for unlimited potential and new beginnings. You’ll often be happy to see it because it’s very positive and exciting. When you pull the upright Fool card, you’ll think about a new and exciting adventure. 

When The Fool card is reversed, you can interpret it in different ways, depending on what works for you. Remember, when reading tarot cards, you’re expressing your creativity. There is no right way, no wrong way, only YOUR way. 

For example, the reversed Fool card can still represent a beginning, but maybe with some kind of hurdle in the way. If you do see a new beginning it might come along with hesitation; sometimes you’re not ready for your new journey because you don’t have the right tools or you haven’t prepared enough. 

When you pull the reversed Fool card, it’s a chance to explore how you’re feeling about the new opportunities in your life, and you’ll often notice that there’s some reluctance. You can see there’s something new on the horizon, but you may not be prepared to jump in yet.

Reading this reversed card using the “blocked/restricted” meaning 

One of the most popular ways of reading a reversed card is using the “blocked/restricted” meaning. When you read The Fool card like this, you’re looking for a “block” that’s standing in the way of your new beginning, like above. Sometimes, you’re unsure about starting a new adventure because you’re not prepared. 

It’s also possible for money problems or relationship issues to stand in the way of growth and change. Exploring what these “blocks” could be can trigger your subconscious and help you see the barriers stunting your personal growth.

For example, say you pull the reversed Fool card when starting a new romance. Using the “blocked/restricted” meaning, you might realize something is standing in the way of a relationship. You could ask yourself: “Is there some reason I’m not ready to move forward?” 

Maybe you’re hesitant because you’ve tried dating this person before, and it didn’t work out. Or, maybe you feel like your relationship will be challenging because you have different life goals. When reading your reversed Fool card in the “blocked/restricted” way, you’ll look for roadblocks that can help you understand your feelings and think about your relationship with a clear head.

Reading this card using the “opposite” meaning

Another way to read the reversed Fool card is by using the “opposite” of the upright meaning. This method is very popular too, and it’s what you’d expect from the name. The Fool represents new beginnings in its upright position, so when it’s reversed, it could mean an ending or a lack of adventure and new possibilities. 

Say you’re doing a reading and you get a reversed Fool card while considering your friendships. This can help you see if someone in your life is a negative or restrictive influence. Maybe they’re adding to your stress or being unsupportive. 

The reversed Fool card can help you consider whether to keep them in your life or make a change. Ending a friendship isn’t easy, but the reversed Fool card can help you explore the possibility that currently the relationship isn’t good for you. Keep in mind that an ending isn’t always a negative thing. In fact, endings can help us make room for positive people and exciting experiences. 

Reading this card using the “worse” reversed card meaning

Another popular way of reading your reversed cards is using the “worse” meaning. Here, you take the upright meaning of The Fool card and give it a negative spin. You’ll still read it as an opportunity or a new beginning, but it’s one you might not want to pursue. Maybe there’s something in your way that you need to deal with, or maybe it’s just not the right time to start a new chapter.

Imagine you’re reading a reversed Fool card with the “worse” meaning when considering your finances for the upcoming year. You’re thinking about making a big purchase, investing your savings, or taking a trip. 

Using the “worse” interpretation, you might see that there is an adventure ahead—like a vacation—but you shouldn’t jump in yet. Here, you can view the reversed Fool card as a warning, and it can help you decide to save up for a while before spending your money.

Reading this card using the “no/not” reversed card meaning

You can also try using the “no/not” method to interpret your reversed Fool card. This means putting a “no” or “not” before the upright meaning of the card. So you’d read The Fool as: “no new beginning” or “no adventure”. 

This isn’t the same as an ending, though. Instead, it means more of the same. This can make you feel bored or even frustrated if you’re hoping for a change or some excitement, but may caution you not to try to create a situation just to shake things up right now.

For example, if you pull the reversed Fool card while thinking about your health, you might consider your fitness routine and diet. Maybe you’ve been slacking a bit, and you realize that if you don’t motivate yourself to make a change, nothing will be different. You won’t start feeling better if things stay the way they are, so you decide to buckle down. 

On the other hand, if you have made some changes to your routine, the reversed Fool card can help you realize you don’t need more right now. Maybe you should stick with your current diet and exercise schedule so that you can get into a steady rhythm and not overwhelm yourself.

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