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The Simple Tarot helps creative and curious souls to learn how to read tarot cards – and use them as tools to create a better life.

Our Mission

Using tarot as a tool, we believe that people, especially women and other disadvantaged individuals, can learn to find and trust the quiet voice that lives inside all of us.

In overt and subtle ways over generations, we have been told to keep quiet, know our place, and don’t rock the boat. But we’re no longer willing to play along.

Through strengthening our intuition and our voice, we’ll be able to stand up and use that voice to speak the truth in our own lives, changing them for the better. Tarot is the tool. A better world is the result.

What We Do

We make learning and reading tarot fun and easy, through instructional videos, short courses, tarot books, and products.

We teach people how to read the cards, and then USE them for creativity, self-care, and personal development. We do NOT teach tarot for divination or fortune-telling.

And most importantly, we help people find, strengthen, and use their intuition and voice through the practice of using tarot, so that they can make their own life (and the world) a better place.

Our Customers

While most of our audience is female, we are inclusive in all ways and this is reflected in our language, messaging, and brand. The number of male and non-binary members in our community is higher than the industry average.

Audience members have a mix of tarot experience, ranging from complete beginners to many years of reading. They are curious and open-minded, and have varying spiritual and religious beliefs and backgrounds.

Words to describe the majority of our customers would be: curious, creative, spiritual, open-minded, compassionate.

Company Culture

The Simple Tarot is a virtual company, which means we don’t have a central office and we work together through Zoom, email, Notion, and other online tools.

Are you a good fit? Working with The Simple Tarot may be a good match for you if:

  • You want to work for a female-run company with a diverse team and customer base.
  • You are someone who does what they say they’re going to do. You don’t exaggerate your skillset or abilities. When you give your word, you mean it.
  • You are primarily self-directed but are absolutely willing to ask for help, direction, or guidance when you need it. You do not waste time.
  • You are a professional freelancer or contract-worker who is committed for the long-haul. This is not a side-hustle or in-between gig for you. Assuming it’s the right fit, you’d be eager to work together for 2 years or more.
  • You are very familiar with The Simple Tarot and what we’re all about. You read our newsletter. You love the Youtube videos. You’re a fan!

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply for an open position!

Open Positions

The Simple Tarot does not currently have any open positions.

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