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King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Pentacles tarot card from The Simple Tarot, with keywords and the tarot card meanings printed on the cards.

The King of Pentacles sits solidly on his garden throne. He’s the master of material and worldly success and he wants to share his wisdom with you.

Like all of the court cards, this card may indicate an actual person in your life, a role you play (or need to play), or a message you are ready to hear.

The King of Pentacles tarot card specifically represents a man or woman who is the pillar of their community, such as a financial adviser, business leader, doctor, or parental figure.

If not an actual person, this card can represent the qualities of the King of Pentacles: hard work, practicality, generosity, and common sense.

This King is successful in practical and material ways, and he is loving, gentle, and wise.

The Pentacles relate to the physical world, including money, material possessions, resources, assets, and the physical body. The King of Pentacles is a prosperous and generous master of them all.

Keywords for the King of Pentacles Tarot Card

  • A financial adviser or healer
  • Material success
  • A solid investment
  • Generosity

Keywords for the King of Pentacles Reversed

  • A stubborn and controlling person
  • Jealousy
  • A gift with strings attached

Patterns and Correspondences of the King of Pentacles Card

  • The Pentacles = rules the material world and money
  • Suit of cards = diamonds
  • Timeline = months to years
  • The King = expanding and sharing wisdom
  • Element = Earth

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King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Love

The King of Pentacles is an excellent partner and parent. He (or she) is calm, loving, relaxed, and generous. The King may keep his emotions deep within, but they are there and they are strong.

If you are looking for a stable relationship with a responsible partner, this is an excellent card for your goals. Look for a King in your own life. This will a leader who appears reserved, self-contained, and wise. Admire their successes and participate in the service activities important to them. This will get you noticed!

If you want something casual and fun, this is not the card for you. The King is far too committed and serious. If this card shows up in a reading, it may time for you to look for a deeper relationship and give up the casual flings. It will be worth it.

If you are in a committed relationship, your partnership is built on a solid foundation of trust, respect, and mutual admiration. Keep strengthening your relationship by committing to a long-term project related to money, health, or the physical world that interests you both. By showing your commitment to this project, you will be showing your commitment to your relationship.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Work

The King of Pentacles may represent someone you work with (or for), particularly someone who is in a leadership role.

If there is no obvious person like this in your professional life, it may pertain to the role you need to play.

Professionally, you must become a leader. Pay attention to every detail, use common sense, and do the work you find most challenging. Always take the high road, hold yourself and others to high standards, and maintain strong boundaries as you give energy and time toward helping others.

These leadership qualities will give you the strength of the King of Pentacles and you will become a master of your own prosperity.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Health

The Pentacles are physical and earthy cards. The King of Pentacles is the master of them all. He knows the secret to good health is through common sense choices and daily action.

He is disciplined in how he takes care of his body and is dedicated to all aspects of his health. Nothing stands in the way of his commitment and discipline.

The King of Pentacles is the type of person who wakes at 5:00 in the morning for a swim, every single day. He has reached a place where physical activity, healthy eating, and daily self-care are a regular part of this life. Taking care of his body is an important part of who he is.

If you are struggling with your health, model your activities on the King of Pentacles. At first, you may not want to get up for a swim. But do it anyway. You’ll know you have become the King when your long-term goals and commitment outweigh your short-term desires and excuses.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Money and Finances

This card represents a financially successful person or a wise investment. The King of Pentacles has grown his empire over time and abhors “get rich quick” schemes.

He is the type of man to pick up pennies off the sidewalk and invest 10% of every paycheck. Little details add up and are just as important (if not more important) than the big wins.

The King of Pentacles may represent someone (male or female) in your life who you can turn to for wise financial guidance. Heed their advice and let them mentor you toward success.

If there is no one in your life who represents the King, find your mentors on your bookshelf. Learn about money, good financial habits, and investing from the wise authors who have laid out step-by-step formulas. Two good books to start with are Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and The Total Money Makeover.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Spiritual Guidance

The King of Pentacles lives a spiritual life here in this world. He is committed to an active spiritual practice he practices every day.

This practice takes place in the physical world. The King of Pentacles meditates about the inevitability of his own death so he can fully live. He knows his time on this Earth in this body is fleeting, so he is committed to fully living and learning while he is here.

Follow the King’s guidance and create a daily spiritual practice for yourself. Commit to confronting your fears and excuses so you can live your life as your biggest, best self. Don’t let yourself play small.

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