Learning the tarot card meanings - The Simple Tarot

It doesn’t have to be so hard!

You CAN learn – (and remember!) – the tarot card meanings with ease.

This page contains our favorite tips & tools for getting started…

Don’t try to memorize anything
It’s not fun and it doesn’t work anyway. Instead, create a regular tarot ritual that fits into your life.

Take the pressure off
There’s no right way or wrong way – just the way that works for YOU. You don’t need to read for divination or be psychic. You just need an open mind and a little bit of patience.

Start reading the cards today, even if you don’t feel ready
Use the free Simple Tarot Cheat Sheet to “cheat” your way through your first few readings. It’s not really cheating if it works! Check out our other simple & easy resources below…


If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

Seriously! Tarot is a fantastic tool for feeling centered, connected, creative, and calm.

If you’re feeling frustrated, confused, or uncomfortable – please be patient with yourself. 

Learning & reading tarot can be overwhelming (especially in the beginning). Everyone finds it challenging sometimes. You’re not alone, but you’ve totally got this!

Use these resources below to help make it easier


with BOTH upright and reversed card meanings

a 4-week program to guide you to total tarot confidence


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