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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers tarot card from The Simple Tarot, with keywords and the tarot card meanings printed on the cards.

Everyone loves The Lovers. This is the tarot card for true-love partnerships and long-term happy relationships.

In most traditional Rider-Waite-Smith-based decks, The Lovers card shows a naked man and woman at the foot of the archangel Raphael, underneath a shining sun. (Raphael is the patron saint of healers, travelers, happy encounters, matchmakers, and the blind. Love is blind, after all).

You may be looking a new romance coming into your life, or you may be faced with making a choice between two very different situations. Either way, follow your heart.

This is sometimes called the “Romeo and Juliet” card, but that was a tragic and unhealthy relationship between children. Definitely NOT what this card is about!

Instead, think of this is as the “Gomez and Morticia” card, because they really had it going on. They show each other total respect, acceptance, and support and have a mad-passionate-freaky relationship, too.

But The Lovers is not a card about romantic love only. The Lovers represents a true, soul-level partnership where the personalities or elements are in total, healthy balance. This could be in a friendship, business partnership, or any place where two vibrant forces come together.

Along The Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana, this is one of the first lessons: Two are stronger than one.

Keywords for The Lovers Tarot Card

  • A great love or business partnership
  • A choice between two options
  • Balancing of opposing forces
  • Attraction, beauty
The reversed Lovers tarot card from The Simple Tarot.

Keywords for The Lovers Reversed

  • Differences, arguments
  • Divorce, a breakup
  • Take your time with this decision

Patterns and Correspondences of The Lovers Card

  • Major Arcana = the story of your life’s journey and spiritual growth
  • Zodiac sign = Gemini, the twins

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The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings for Love

The Lovers tarot card is one of the best cards for a healthy soul-based love relationship. This could be a new love coming into your life or a deepening of an existing relationship. It’s a wonderfully positive sign for beauty, attraction, affection, and long-lasting love.

If you’re looking for a new relationship, you’ll soon be falling in love, overcoming trials together, and coming closer as a partnership. It will be a long-lasting relationship based on respect and mutual admiration.

If you are looking for something casual, be aware that your emotions might become entangled. Be honest (with your partners and with yourself) about your desires and align your actions with your words. For many people, this means no sleep-overs or cuddling after the deed is done!

If you have to decide between two partners, choose the steadier option who will support you no matter what.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings for Work

You may be faced with a choice between two opposing forces, people, roles, or positions. Something that looks good on paper might not be the right choice.

To make the best decision, follow your heart and make peace with your choice. It will be the right one for you, even if no one else understands.

This card may also indicate a positive business partnership entering your life. Is there someone in your professional world who balances your skills and weaknesses? Could you pair up to conquer your industry and projects together?

This will be an equal partnership, not a situation where you delegate tasks. Be sure you both understand your roles and get everything in writing before you commit to working together. This relationship will become long-lasting and mutually beneficial, but it will not last forever. Prepare now for the eventual end.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings for Health

In this card, there is a balance of energy. When two people come together, they are stronger than one.

Use this balancing energy and the love of the people around you to guide you as you make decisions about your health.

Buddy up with a partner for accountability and treat your relationship with respect. Make a commitment to a health plan or routine (ideally with another person or larger community) and make that commitment the number one priority in your life.

You won’t be any good to anyone if you are unhealthy, ill, or in pain. You must take care of yourself, but you don’t have to go it alone. Ask for help and find a committed partner to support you as you make these life changes.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings for Money and Finances

This is a positive card about partnership and the joining of two forces. You may be receiving money from a partnership, from a relationship, or from a choice you need to make.

It indicates a positive outcome. However, money and support may not come from the sources you expect.

If you need to choose between two options, don’t convince yourself to choose the one that logically looks best on paper. Choose the one that feels best in your body. Focus on your long-term goals, not short-term gains.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings for Spiritual Guidance

This card is about balance and the bringing together of two energies into one. Even though we must walk our inner spiritual journeys alone, the process will be easier and more enjoyable if you do it in step with soul-level friends.

Spiritual advancement doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need the support of the wise people around you to guide you as you move along this path.

Some of our greatest spiritual lessons come from interacting with the people in our lives. A key relationship may hold the wisdom, experience, and lessons you seek.

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