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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician tarot card from The Simple Tarot, with keywords and the tarot card meanings printed on the cards.

As The Fool begins his adventure through the tarot deck, The Magician is the first card he meets. This is why The Magician is numbered 1 (one), even though it’s not the first card of the deck.

The Magician is in his garden, creating something magical. He is working with the four suits of the tarot (the cup, pentacle, sword, and wand) to draw creative energy from above, channeling it through himself to bring it into being in the physical world.

This is an active, outwardly-focused card. It is paired with The High Priestess card, which is The Magician’s receptive and inwardly-focused magical counterpart.

The Magician is also known as “The Alchemist,” the creator who makes something out of nothing.

This card is about expressing your unique talents and turning them into something tangible in the world. Although it seems a bit woo-woo, this is a very practical card.

The Magician guides you to create an environment, triggers, and routines to regularly and consistently bring yourself to a state of creative flow where you can make your own magic.

Keywords for The Magician Card

  • Empowered creativity
  • Self-confidence, the will, skill
  • Your talents, passions, and personal power
The reversed Magician tarot card from The Simple Tarot.

Keywords for The Magician Reversed

  • You’re not ready – don’t take this risk
  • Scattered energy or resources, squandering your talents
  • Mental disease, disgrace

Patterns and Correspondences of The Magician Card

  • Major Arcana = the basic lessons of life and personal growth
  • Number 1 = beginnings, creating something new
  • Zodiac sign = Aries, the start of the zodiac
  • Planet = Mercury, for cunning creativity

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The Magician Tarot Card Meanings for Love

The Magician can be a trickster in love, but this is a great card for lusty romances. It indicates a strong physical chemistry and the pure animal passion of attraction.

If you are looking to find or begin a new relationship, you will have to get out there and do the work. This is an active card. You are the one in control of your life and you are the only one capable of putting this goal into action.

If you are in a relationship, you can no longer ignore your problems as a couple. You need to actively communicate your needs and desires, and be honest about what is working and what isn’t. Together, if you are both willing to do the work, you can come together to solve your problems.

The Magician Tarot Card Meanings for Work

When this card shows up, you are being told to use your natural skills and talents to shine. This is not the time to hide behind a mask, hold back your awesomeness, or promote someone else’s agenda.

Your power and your passion are ready to be unleashed without limits. You’ve got this!

This is an active card, so set up the systems, routines, habits, and support you need to be your shiniest, boldest, and most creative self.

The Magician Tarot Card Meanings for Health

Are you at the beginnings of a quest for better health and fitness? You absolutely have the ability to accomplish your goals. This transformation is completely within your power.

What are your natural skills and talents? Strengthen your strengths and forget your weaknesses, at least for now. Throw all of your energy into the interests and activities where you have natural talents and passions. Double down on what you love.

If you are struggling with your health, seek out answers. Sitting around, passively waiting for things to change will not work. If you continue to ignore the problem, it will get worse so you must address it today.

The Magician Tarot Card Meanings for Money and Finances

Money, abundance, and wealth are all infinite. There is always more. You already have everything you need to get everything you desire.

It’s time to manifest your visions into reality. Combine your unique talents with focused creativity to bring tangible things into the world. Money will come to you when you get extremely clear about pouring your you-ness into what you create and share. Don’t copy or model your actions on anyone else. Create what only you can create.

It is your responsibility to share your unique talents and gifts with the world. You can’t hide and expect to be successful. In return, the Universe will support and reward your creativity, integrity, and generosity.

The Magician Tarot Card Meanings for Spiritual Guidance

Spirituality is the act of rising above yourself to feel a greater connection to the whole. When you are The Magician in your own life, you connect yourself to the Universe and all others within it.

Every single thing you are searching for is already within you. You already have everything you need to reach your biggest goals and dreams. While it may seem you are missing elements, they are only hidden.

You contain magic and this magic flows through you in every moment of every day. It is your job to actively channel this magic (or creativity or Source Energy or whatever you call it) from the Universe through your unique self and out into the world. The world needs more of what only you can create and give.

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