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The Moon Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon card comes as a reminder that things are not always as they seem. When it’s upright, it urges you to be on the lookout for deception and to be careful not to get lost in the dark side of your subconscious. This card is a strong call to let your intuition be your guide. It suggests developing ways to get in touch with your subconscious, like a dream journal or a meditation routine. 

The Moon card can help you delve into intimate fears and anxieties and reminds you to look deep within yourself for guidance. 

The reversed Moon card shows that you’ve been doing the work to confront your fears and anxieties. By facing them head-on, you’re able to recognize and change negative thinking and limiting beliefs. If you are still trying to suppress your fears and anxieties, know that they will come to the surface eventually, and you’re going to have to deal with them sooner rather than later. 

The reversed Moon card can also show that you’ve been digging into your subconscious and doing shadow work to better understand yourself. However, you may not be clear about what’s really going on inside. Even though you’re confronting your subconscious, you still may not know what you want. 

The reversed Moon card encourages you to spend time quietly with yourself reflecting inward thinking about a specific question or concern. This can help bring clarity and allows you to better define your values and beliefs.

Reading this reversed card using the “blocked/restricted” meaning

Okay, so let’s talk about the different ways you can read your reversed Moon card. First, you can use the “blocked/restricted” reversed card meaning. When you read your reversed cards like this, you’re looking for an obstacle standing in front of the card’s upright meaning. So for The Moon, this means something is blocking your fears and anxieties or your intuition, depending on how you read this card.

Say you pull the reversed Moon card when thinking about your finances. You’re married, and your partner has always handled the money. This keeps you from feeling fear and anxiety about your funds because you never really have to think about them at all. 

Here, your partner and how you’ve divided up the household labor is what is blocking those emotions. This card says to ask yourself if that’s a good thing? Being knowledgeable about your financial situation is an important part of understanding the full scope of your life and your partnership. 

If your partner is secretive or evasive about the finances, there’s probably a reason, and it’s something you should discuss. If they’re open about them but just don’t share them because you’ve never shown an interest before, you should start becoming more involved. Keep an eye on your bank account and follow your investments. 

Your money is a valuable tool in life, and you must understand the situation with clarity to make informed decisions about your spending and saving habits. It will also make for a stronger partnership when you share these big-picture decisions together.

Reading this reversed card using the “opposite” meaning

You can also read your reversed Moon card using the “opposite” reversed card meaning. When you read your reversed cards like this, you’re looking for the opposite of the card’s upright meaning. So, for The Moon, instead of illusions, fears, and intuition, you have truths, bravery, and reason. You’re dealing with things head-on with a rational mind. 

For example, you might pull the reversed Moon card while thinking about your love life. You were dating someone for a while, but you recently ended it. Your friends and family all really liked your girlfriend, and they’re confused about why you left and are encouraging you to give it another shot. Here, the reversed Moon card reassures you that you’re looking at the situation clearly and are making a rational decision. 

You ended this relationship with a clear mind and made the decision based on the truth that you weren’t right for each other. You had good reason to part ways: Maybe they weren’t supportive or encouraging, or maybe they didn’t fulfill your intellectual or creative needs. Whatever your reasons, don’t second-guess them. You made the right decision for yourself, so stick to it and be proud that you had the clarity and bravery to make this choice. 

Reading this reversed card using the “worse” meaning

Another way to read your reversed cards is using the “worse” reversed card meaning. When you read your cards like this, you take the card’s upright meaning and put it in a negative light. So, for The Moon, this means you’re following your intuition and acknowledging your fears, but maybe you’re going overboard. 

It’s important to explore your subconscious, but don’t put all your faith into intuition. You also have to put in the work and be knowledgeable about a situation to make solid decisions.

Say you pull the reversed Moon card while thinking about your job search. You’re unemployed, and you’ve been looking for something new. However, the fact that you were laid off has left you feeling deflated, and you’re not putting in much effort. You do an “easy apply” on LinkedIn every few days, but you’re not researching the positions or companies to make sure they’re a good fit. 

You keep telling yourself, “the right thing will come along eventually,” but you’re not actively seeking the “right thing” out. Here, the reversed Moon card reminds you to use your rational mind along with your gut in your job search. Conduct the necessary research, revamp your resume, and write new cover letters for each job. 

Be proactive in reaching out for the jobs you really want, even if they don’t have any openings. Keep track of the positions you’ve applied for in a spreadsheet, reach out to people you know in your network, and consider new opportunities for enriching your professional skills. Get off your butt and do the work. The great jobs go to people who go after them, and you deserve one of those great jobs.

Reading this reversed card using the “no/not” meaning

Finally, you can use the “no/not” reversed card meaning when reading your reversed Moon card. Here, you put a “no” or a “not” in front of the card’s upright meaning. So for The Moon, this can mean “no illusions” or “no deceptions.” There is some truth in your life that you’re failing to acknowledge, but you must so that you can see things clearly and make informed decisions.

Say you pull the reversed Moon card thinking about an old friendship. You have a friend you’ve known since childhood, and they’re someone you still talk to and see occasionally. You have a lot of history and shared memories together, but, this person is the definition of a “frenemy.” They compete with you often and cut you down in front of other people. They ignore your successes or even actively diminish them. Every time you get together, you feel drained and apathetic. 

The reversed Moon card tells you you’re not seeing any illusions here. You’re not making things up: this person is a bad friend! Just because you’ve known them a long time doesn’t mean they should remain in your life. If they’re not treating you with respect and encouragement, it’s time to say goodbye! There are too many awesome people in the world, and you deserve to spend your limited time with the people who make you feel great.

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