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The Simple Tarot Journal

What if learning and remembering the tarot card meanings was simple and easy?

The Simple Tarot Journal is designed to help you learn (and remember!) the tarot card meanings as you create your very own personal tarot handbook.

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Create your own Tarot Bible

Perfect for both tarot beginners and more advanced readers, The Simple Tarot Journal is designed as a personal tarot handbook, with guided prompts to help you learn and remember the tarot card meanings.

Written by Angie Green, best selling author and creator of The Simple Tarot, this book can be used with any Rider-Waite-Smith-based tarot deck and is a perfect companion to The Simple Tarot Deck.

The 314-page journal is organized with multiple pages for each of the 78 tarot cards, with keywords, images, questions, and prompts to help you discover your personal connection to each card.

There is no better resource for learning and remembering the tarot card meanings as you connect with different cards using your favorite tarot decks.

When you purchase this book directly from The Simple Tarot, you receive both the printed version and the PDF version bundled together, for just the price of the print book.

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If you don’t want the paperback version of the book mailed to you, please click here to purchase your copy of The Simple Tarot Journal in PDF form.

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