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The Simple Tarot Deck

The Simple Tarot Deck is a modern 78-card tarot deck designed to help you read the tarot cards with ease.

Get the Beginner’s Deck (with keywords printed right on the cards) or the Classic Deck (without keywords).

Free US shipping included!

$39 ONLY

Read the cards with clarity and confidence!

Have you ever wanted to read tarot cards – without memorizing or struggling to remember the tarot card meanings?

The Simple Tarot Deck is your answer! This Rider-Waite-Smith based tarot deck uses the traditional symbolism and meanings in a modern way.

The deck comes in two version: the Beginner Deck (with keywords printed right on the cards) and the Classic Deck (without keywords).

When you order The Simple Tarot Deck, you’ll receive a 78-card deck in a simple tuck box without companion materials. If you’d like the complete Simple Tarot Starter Kit with The Simple Tarot Beginner’s Deck as well as the companion guidebook and tarot cheat sheet instead, click here.

Free US shipping is included!

If you want to start reading tarot cards the simple and easy way without any fuss – get The Simple Tarot Deck today.

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How much is shipping?

Free US shipping is included!

International shipping is $23.50.

Are the cards easy to shuffle?

Yes! The cards measure 2.75″ x 4.75″ and are printed in the USA on high-quality black-core card stock. Shuffling them is a dream.

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Get a single copy of the Beginner Deck (with keywords) or the Classic Deck (without keywords) to help you on your journey to tarot card mastery.