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Understanding the Page Court Cards

MOST people struggle with the tarot court cards when they’re first learning how to read tarot. It’s totally understandable – there are multiple ways to read the cards, and they can seem VERY similar when you give them a quick glance.

But, when you dive a bit deeper into the court cards, they’re actually quite different. And this is what this four part tarot court card series will do, starting with the Pages.

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Every so often, I send out a survey to my students and followers like you, asking what do they struggle with the most when learning how to read tarot cards. And every single time, the answer is Court Cards, especially the Pages. This short video shown above covers the four Pages of the tarot court cards, individually and together, and shows you how they are different from the Knights, Queens, and Kings. You’ll also learn how to determine who the Pages are in your own life, which will be a big help when you see a Page card show up in a tarot reading.

The Page Court Cards

The Pages are the “youngest” of the tarot court cards. They don’t always have to represent children, but they are all about new and fresh energy and learning with an open heart.

The Kings and Queens are masters, with the Kings being master of the visible world and the Queens mastering their inner worlds. The Page has a long way to go before they are a master of anything. They are at the very beginning of their mastery journey.

The Pages share some similarities with the Knights, but while the Knights are in the middle of their quest, the Pages are at the very beginning. Knights also have active energy, while Pages have energy that is directed internally. The Pages are about studying, book learning, and self-reflection. The Knights are too busy for that – they don’t want to think, they want to DO.

The Pages are about fresh starts, new lessons, and study. Their energy is receptive and open-hearted.

They are often young, young-at-heart, or inexperienced with the situation at hand. If the Page is someone in your life, it will be someone (a man, woman, or child) who is just starting to explore the lessons they need to know.

Pages need your support and guidance. They offer loyalty, enthusiasm, and new ideas.

When thinking about the Pages, the energy is “learning how to…

Page + Cups = learning how to connect with others and have healthy relationships

Page + Pentacles = learning how to build resources and take care of what they have

Page + Swords = learning how to think clearly and communicate with authenticity

Page + Wands = learning how to trust their power and use it wisely

Think of someone in your life who has the youthful, open-hearted, and “new learner” energy of the Pages. This may be a man, woman, or child. Can you think of anyone who is just beginning to learn the lessons about a certain area of their life?

Are they an emotional Cups? An earthy Pentacles? What realm are these new lessons in? Combine the energy of the Page with the energy of the Suit to find out which card they are.

But let’s take this even deeper, and learn about the nuanced differences between each of the four Pages.

Detailed Tarot Card Meanings for the Page Court Cards

For more detailed information about each of the Page tarot cards, click on the card image below.

The Page Court Cards in Your Life

Now that you know more details about each of the Page cards, it’s time to determine who the Pages are in YOUR life. This process should take you less than 10 minutes, but will make it so much easier to read the Page court cards when they show up in a tarot reading.

Go through each of the four Pages and see if you can map them to a person or multiple people in your life, using the Court Card Map. Some relationships to consider include your parents, caregivers, siblings, extended family, lovers, crushes, friends, frenemies, enemies, co-workers, clients, bosses, mentors, teachers, ex-anythings, children, and in-laws. The Court Cards will be people who have a direct influence over your own life, so public figures, politicians, and famous people will not be on this list (unless you actually know them in real life).

Remember that the Pages can be anyone – male, female, or otherwise – and they can be any age. Also, you may have multiple people who match to one Page. This is okay. During a tarot reading, you’ll just be able to choose which person seems to make the most sense for the situation and question asked.

You will have one or more Pages where nobody matches. This is okay, too. If you come across one of these cards during a tarot reading, you’ll know the card doesn’t match a person in your life, so you can then read the card as a role you need to play, advice you need to take, or as a message.

And, because people are complicated, some people seem to fit multiple cards. They may be a Page in one area of their life and a Knight in a different area. If you can, choose the card that seems to fit the best, but make a note that they have other characteristics. Remember, this is all fluid! People change and they may match different cards at different stages of your relationship to them.

There’s no right or wrong answer! Just do the best you can to match your people to the cards if they seem to be Pages.

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