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Bundle of Tarot Spreads


Are you bored with your regular tarot practice?

Get this BIG Bundle of Tarot Spreads with over 200 pages of tarot layouts (with full instructions and companion journaling pages!) to expand your tarot readings.

The classics (like the Daily Draw, Celtic Cross, and Zodiac Spread) are all here, as well as over 50 additional tarot spreads dealing with all aspects of romance, relationships, money, self-care, and health.

Get your copy today!

Want to play around with some classic and fun tarot spreads?

Get this bundle of over 50 tarot spreads, including favorites like:

  • The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
  • The Zodiac Tarot Spread
  • Many, many variations of the Three Card Spread
  • The Yes/No Spread and the Daily Draw

This bundle of tarot spreads includes the spreads you’ll find featured at The Simple Tarot’s Tarot Spread of the Week, plus more than a dozen never-before-seen spreads.

This bundle of tarot spreads includes over 200 pages of tarot goodness for you to print out and play with immediately!

Some additional spreads include tarot spreads for…

  • Daily Self-Love
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Sensual Pleasures, and a Better Sex Life
  • Your Love Language
  • Procrastination, Productivity, and Deep Work
  • Extreme Self-Care
  • Gratitude, Money Mindset, and Abundance
  • Troubled Times
  • Conflict, Boundaries, Forgiveness, and Compassion
  • And SOOOOO many more!

Get your copy of this PDF printable now, and begin exploring all the spreads today.

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