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Court Card Mini-Course


Master the tarot court cards in only a week!

You’ll learn how to tell the court cards apart, match them to the people in your life, and read them with confidence when they show up in a tarot reading.

If you struggle with the tarot court cards, this 5-day self-guided mini-course is your answer.

Court Card Confusion

All the court cards look the same? How do you tell them apart?
Each of the 16 court cards has a different and unique personality. This mini-course will share simple tips and tricks to tell them apart.

Do I read them as a person in my life, a role I have to play, or just as a message?
This can be confusing, because the court cards can be read in so many different ways. In this mini-course, you’ll learn a simple process to determine how to read each court card when it shows up during a reading.

How do I know who the court cards are talking about?
Usually, when you see a court card in a tarot reading, it’s indicating a person in your life. But who??? This course will help you match the people in your life to the court cards, so you’ll never wonder this again.

Why are the court cards so HARD???
They don’t have to be! This mini-course guides you to understand the court cards and how to read them with confidence – in only 5 days.

Court Card Confidence

  • You’ll learn their 16 different personalities, so you can always tell them apart
  • You’ll match the court cards to the people in your life, so you’ll know who each card represents
  • You’ll learn a simple process to determine how to read the court cards during a reading, so you won’t feel confused or intimidated by them


When does this course start?
Anytime you’d like! As soon as you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, so you can go at your own pace.

What does it include?
The Court Card Mini-Course includes 5 days of video lessons (with audio files and transcripts provided), covering each of the court cards and how to read them. You’ll also get access to the Court Card Map and will learn how to use it.

How long do I have to do the course? Do I need to do it in 5 days?
This mini-course is designed to be for five days, although you can go at your own pace. Take as much time as you need! You’ll have lifetime access to the course.

Who is teaching this course?
Your instructor is Angie Green, founder of The Simple Tarot. While this is a self-paced and pre-recorded video course, she will be available via email for any questions you have.

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