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Tarot Card Mastery 30-Day Course


Learn to read the cards and create a daily tarot practice – the simple and easy way with this 30-day self-guided tarot program.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you confidently know the tarot card meanings?
Or do you read with the guidebook in one hand and your tarot cheat sheet in the other?

Do your cards always tell a clear story?
Or do you struggle with seeing the big picture when reading multiple cards together?

Do you always trust your readings?
Or do you second-guess yourself, your readings, and your intuition?

Do you have an enjoyable daily tarot practice?
Or do you struggle every time you bring out the cards – which isn’t as often as you’d like?

Imagine yourself with tarot card confidence

You CAN learn the tarot card meanings, simply and easily

You CAN find the “thread” of any reading that ties the story together

You CAN develop your intuition and learn to trust your deepest self

And you CAN enjoy your tarot practice – whatever that means to you

Say YES to Tarot Card Mastery

Tarot is a powerful tool for creativity, personal growth, and self-care. You can use it to understand yourself, your relationships, and your place in the Universe.

But learning the meanings, reading the cards together, and trusting your intuition is a struggle that seems to last forever.

We understand how confusing and frustrating learning tarot without a guide can be. That’s why we’ve created the Tarot Card Mastery program.

Focusing on daily practice and progressive growth, this self-study program will get you reading confidently and with ease, without second-guessing yourself.

Come join the thousands of Simple Tarot students who have already achieved tarot card mastery, and we’ll be your guide to total tarot card confidence.

You CAN read the cards with confidence!

If you’ve tried learning from books, YouTube videos, tarot apps, guidebooks, or even in-person courses and workshops, chances are you’ve learned some useful things but the truth is…you know you are not a confident tarot reader. Yet!

Trust us, though. If you’ve tried learning tarot before and failed (or just gave up because it was too frustrating and hard), it was NOT your fault. The method failed you.

We are certain you can confidently learn to read tarot – and we have thousands of students who already have. We’re eager to see you join the list of committed people who we’ve helped become tarot masters. Are you ready?

Tarot Card Mastery can be YOURS

At The Simple Tarot, we know you want to use tarot to deepen your relationship with yourself, the people around you, and the Universe at large.

That’s why we’ve created the Tarot Card Mastery self-study program. Here’s how it works:

Step One – When you join the program, you learn the simple five minute actions you’ll take every day to learn the tarot card meanings. And you’ll be guided throughout your daily tarot practice, tracking your progress over time.

Step Two – During the four-week program, you’ll discover insider secrets and a step-by-step method for reading the cards together in spreads, without second guessing yourself. Once you know this simple method, you’ll never struggle with your readings again.

Step Three – You’ll finally enjoy your daily tarot practice, staying in touch with the cards and your intuition, during the program and well into the future. Tarot is a life-long journey, and yours is just beginning.

So join Tarot Card Mastery now to eliminate your tarot frustrations and start building your tarot card confidence today.

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