Reading cards together - The Simple Tarot

You know the card meanings (mostly). Now what?

The cards tell a story when you combine them together in spreads and layouts.

This page contains our favorite tips & tools for reading multiple cards together…

Start slow and keep it simple
While the Celtic Cross spread is sexy, it’s also complicated. Start with the simple (and powerful) 3-card spread until you’re comfortable finding the thread that flows between the cards.

Ask empowering questions, like “What do I need to know about this situation?” or “What can I do next?”
Don’t ask the same question over and over again. Use the cards as tools for creativity, clarity, and connection – not for control.

Write it down and come back to it later
Use a tarot journal (like the Simple Tarot Journal) to record your tarot readings as you do them, and then review them a few days (or weeks) later. You’ll discover even more information with hindsight and perspective!

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Finding the story in the cards

When reading multiple cards together, you start at the beginning by finding a common thread that flows between the question you ask, the spread layout you choose, and the cards that appear.

The middle of your story is told in the connections you make between the cards and your own life.

And you write the ending by choosing your interpretation of the story to control your own narrative.

There’s no right way or wrong way to read the cards – only YOUR way!

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