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Reading Tarot Cards Together

Most beginning tarot readers think that reading tarot cards together is hard. But it doesn’t have to be!

These are my favorite quick and easy tips to help you with reading tarot cards together by find the thread that connects multiple cards together and then feeling confident telling the story that always exists when you have more than one card laid out at a time.

This video is going to help you leap your tarot understanding to the next level. When you’ve mastered (or are in the process of mastering) the individual card meanings and you feel confident reading at one card at a time, the next step is reading multiple cards together.

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The Secret to Reading Tarot Cards Together

Honestly, it’s not much of a secret at all. You are already a natural storyteller, because you’re human. And humans communicate with each other through stories.

You already know how to do this. You’re already doing this multiple times during your day. Every time when you communicate to someone else (and sometimes even when you communicate to yourself), you’re telling a story.

I’m just going to help you tell the story with the cards and with intention.

Every single story has a reason for being shared or for being told. This is the underlying theme of your story. I like to call this the thread of the tarot reading.

When we read more than one card at a time, we first look for that thread that connects all of the cards.

The thread of the story is going to be very closely related to the question that you asked the cards before you laid them out. So if you asked a question about your romantic relationship, that thread is going to be tied to your relationships in general, your romantic relationships, or your attitude towards romance – maybe your expectations, fears and hopes about romance.

The thread is about romance or about your specific romantic relationship.

If you ask the cards a question about money, the thread will be related to money coming into or going out of your life. Or it’s going to be related to your attitude towards money and abundance and wealth, or your history and your fears about money.

Reading Your Tarot Story

Every single story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And in tarot, this perfectly translates into the past, the present, and the future.

This is one reason that the 3-Card Past-Present-Future Tarot Spread is so popular. It is made for

But you do not have to limit yourself to just three cards. Any number of cards and any tarot spread can be sorted into cards that deal with a past, that deal with the present, and the future. Even something much more complicated like the 10-Card Celtic Cross Spread has card layout positions that represent the past, the present, and the future.


The Past: The Beginning of the Tarot Story

Start your tarot story by focusing on those cards that represent the beginning of your story. You can identify these cards because they are in the spread layout position that relates specifically to the past or to the cause of a situation.

Also, some cards themselves will reference the past. So even if it is in a Present or Future position, the card themselves might be talking about past events. You can often see this in the Five of Cups, the Eight of Cups, the Six of Swords, and so many more.

And then of course, always trust whatever your intuition is telling you.

The Present: The Middle Act of Your Story

And when you’re ready to move on, once you know your beginning, you can move to the middle. There will be cards in your spread layout that clearly relate to the Present situation.

The spread layout position is going to be those situations or layouts that are related to current events, the present, advice, helpful people, your current feelings, your current beliefs, etc.

The majority of the cards will relate to the present.

The Future: The Ending of Your Tarot Story

Depending on whether or not your read predictively, you will interpret the Future cards differently. There’s almost always a cause and effect relationship.

The Future cards are going to be in the spread layout position that relate to future events, the outcomes, or the possible outcomes.

You can also take a look at the cards themselves. Some cards like The Chariot, the Six of Swords, the Eight of Wands, and many others can all indicate future possibilities.

Putting It All Together

The first draft of anything is usually terrible. That’s why you’ll want to take all of these ideas and possibilities and refine them into a strong tarot reading that is helpful for your situation.

Look through all of your notes to find (or re-find) the thread that ties everything together, which will be related to the question that was asked of the cards. Then, using your intuition and the cards themselves, tell yourself a simple story that uses cause-and-effect to answer the questions.

With clarity, you’ll be able to understand your situation better, and you’ll be better able to communicate the story if you’re reading the cards for someone else.

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