Understanding the Numbers in the Tarot Cards

Simple Tarot Numerology: What do the numbers mean?

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Numerology combined with Tarot can get pretty complicated. This post and video will cover the simple basics of the numbers that matter so you can read and understand your tarot cards with confidence.

Each of the four suits – the Cups, the Pentacles, the Swords, and the Wands includes 10 numbered cards, from one through ten.

The numbered cards are organized in patterns. You can use these patterns, combined with the suits and the elements, to read and remember the card meanings. This is basic tarot and numerology.

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If you want a more in depth look at this topic, I highly recommend Benebell Wen’s blog post, Numerology Basics. Like everything else she creates, her Basics go pretty deep.

I’m not going that deep. Once you learn the patterns and logic behind your cards and how they are organized, you can easily remember the tarot card meanings of the Pips cards (otherwise known as the Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands suits of cards).

For quick reference:

  • Ones represent New Beginnings
  • Twos represent Pairings and Choices
  • Threes represent Creating and Connecting
  • Fours represent Stability and Security
  • Fives represent Instability and Crisis
  • Sixes represent Community and the New Normal
  • Sevens represent Reflection and Assessment
  • Eights represent Speed and Power
  • Nines represent Independence and Solitude
  • Tens represent Completion

That was a pretty quick overview, so let’s dive a little deeper…

Card by Card Tarot Numerology

The Ones Tarot Cards

The Ones represent fresh starts and new beginnings. Things happen quickly, so you will need to take quick action.

Ace + Cups = new love.

Ace + Pentacles = new job or new investments.

Ace + Swords = new challenges or problems.

Ace + Wands = new ideas or new projects.

The Magician = powerful new creation.

The Twos Tarot Cards

The Twos are about balancing options and making choices. They have to do with pairings, tension, and decisions.

Two + Cups = a strong partnership.

Two + Pentacles = balancing resources.

Two + Swords = a decision is needed.

Two + Wands = pre-project planning & decision-making.

The High Priestess = hidden insights & secrets.

The Threes Tarot Cards

The Threes represent relationships and connecting with others.

Three + Cups = fun times with friends.

Three + Pentacles = apprenticeship & collaboration.

Three + Swords = heartbreak (the opposite of connection).

Three + Wands = mid-project waiting & teamwork.

The Empress = abundant fertility & creation.

The Fours Tarot Cards

The Fours represent stability, security, and things that don’t move. Think of a foundation with four solid corners.

Four + Cups = stagnant stuckness.

Four + Pentacles = seeking security.

Four + Swords = rest & recovery.

Four + Wands = marking life’s big moments.

The Emperor = solid & stable discipline.

The Fives Tarot Cards

The Fives are mid-point between the Aces and the Tens, when things turn nasty. They represent instability, isolation, conflict, crisis, and loss.

Five + Cups = focusing on the worst.

Five + Pentacles = physical and financial loss.

Five + Swords = bullies & violence.

Five + Wands = competition & rivalry.

The Hierophant = conformity to the masses.

The Sixes Tarot Cards

The Sixes represent the new normal after the chaos and lessons of the Fives. They are about problem-solving in community with others.

Six + Cups = nostalgia & fond memories.

Six + Pentacles = generosity.

Six + Swords = moving on from the past.

Six + Wands = recognition & acclaim.

The Lovers = strong partnerships.

The Sevens Tarot Cards

The Sevens represent reflection and assessment. They act as a warning against those times when you try to justify your actions.

Seven + Cups = wishful thinking & temptations.

Seven + Pentacles = impatience & lethargy.

Seven + Swords = trickery & cutting corners.

Seven + Wands = defending your boundaries & fighting back.

The Chariot = ambitious action forward.

The Eights Tarot Cards

The Eights represent movement, speed, and personal power.

Eight + Cups = moving on to find something better.

Eight + Pentacles = mastery of your craft.

Eight + Swords = feeling trapped (the opposite of movement).

Eight + Wands = quickly arriving options & change.

Strength = unconditional personal regard.

The Nines Tarot Cards

The Nines represent solitude and independence. They are the personal insights and individual experience you find when you are alone.

Nine + Cups = self-satisfaction.

Nine + Pentacles = individual abundance & luxury.

Nine + Swords = anxiety & nightmares.

Nine + Wands = honoring your boundaries.

The Hermit = insight & understanding.

The Tens Tarot Cards

The Tens represent completion and success.

Ten + Cups = family contentment.

Ten + Pentacles = legacy & inheritance.

Ten + Swords = hitting rock bottom (the opposite of success).

Ten + Wands = over-burdened (the opposite of completion).

The Wheel of Fortune = good fortune & luck.

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