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Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross spread is best used when you have a single, specific question to ask. This spread deals with all aspects of one issue, one at a time.

If you choose not to ask a single and specific question, you can still use this spread. It will give you a general reading about your present situation, and the cards (and your subconscious) will tell you what is important for you to investigate at this point in your life.

Before you begin, it’s important you are clear about what you are going to ask and how you are going to layout and interpret the cards.

There are so many possibilities with this spread, and you’ll probably find dozens of different interpretations online. This flexibility is one of the reasons it is so popular. All versions and interpretations are acceptable! You can even make up your own.

Most variations of this spread switch up cards three and five, and sometimes cards four and six. There are also variations in how you interpret cards seven, eight, and nine.

Click here to immediately download the (free) companion PDF printable tarot spread – no email required.


To begin, lay one card in the center of the table, slightly to your left. The second card is laid on top of the first, but at 90 degrees (or crossing it).

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth cards are laid around this first pair. There are different ways to lay out these cards, so you just need to try out a few variations to see what fits you best.

Common placements for these cards include:

  • Placing the 3 card to the right of your pair, with the remaining placed counter-clockwise or clockwise
  • Placing the 3 card at the bottom of your pair, with the remaining placed counter-clockwise or clockwise
  • Placing the 3 card at the bottom, the 4 card at the top, the 5 card at the left, and the 6 card at the right

My favored layout is to place the third card at the bottom, and the remaining cards clockwise around the pair. This is how I’ll be interpreting the layout below.

(If you’d like to try a different order of laying these cards, just make that intention to your cards as you shuffle them).

The seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth cards are placed in a vertical column, to the right of the cross. The seventh card is placed first, closest to you, and the tenth is placed last, at the top of the column.

For a detailed step-by-step reading, download the PDF here.

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