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Tarot Spread for Attraction

While being more popular may not be your goal, we’d all like to be more attractive to others. This “attractiveness” isn’t limited to your physical appearance. People are attracted to a joyful attitude, abundant generosity, playful curiosity, relentless creativity, witty wisecracks, or up-for-anything sense of fun. These positive qualities are attractive and will help you draw in a more positive, beneficial, and inspiring social circle.

This tarot spread will help you identify the exact qualities that make you attractive to others and the benefits you receive from enhancing those positive qualities in social situations.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

For the tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out four cards in the order shown on the journal page.

CARD ONE: People love to be around me because I am…
This card represents your positive qualities that add value to the lives of others. These are the reasons that people enjoy your company.

CARD TWO: People are attracted to me because…
This card represents the positive qualities you have that are immediately apparent to others. These are the reasons people are drawn to you.

CARD THREE: I add value to social situations by…
This card represents the positive attitudes, perspectives, and fun you bring to social situations. These are the unique qualities that you bring to social situations to make them more fun, positive, and enjoyable for others.

CARD FOUR: I enjoy being social because…
This card represents the positive benefits you receive from being in social situations. These are the beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, enjoyment, and fun you get from being around other people.

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