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Tarot Spread for Finding Your Purpose

Purpose is born when we combine self-awareness, commitment, and a generous heart. Finding your purpose is a natural extension of expressing your best qualities and natural strengths.

This tarot spread will help you identify your personal strengths and identify ways for you to use those strengths when interacting with the people, communities, and world around you.

Unlike your passions, which may be solitary pleasures or internally-directed, your purpose always serves the world in some way. It doesn’t need to be grand and you may experience significant selfish joy from pursuing it, but your purpose will always be externally focused.

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Reading the Tarot Spread for Finding Your Purpose

For this tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out six cards in the order shown in the image above. Lay Cards Two and Four on top of Cards One and Three, obscuring them.

CARDS ONE & THREE: What are my worst qualities?
These cards represent your personal weaknesses, prejudices, beliefs, and habits that prevent you from living your best life.

CARDS TWO & FOUR: What are my best qualities?
These two cards represent your personal strengths, personality quirks, beliefs, relationships, and choices that make your life, your community, and the greater world better.

CARD FIVE: How do my best & worst qualities relate to each together?
This card represents the ways that your strengths and weak spots interact and support each other.

Oftentimes, our weak spots are the “flipside” or opposite of our strengths. They can also represent what happens when our strengths are taken to extremes.

CARD SIX: How can I share the best of me with others?
This card represents the specific action steps you can take to strengthen your best qualities and use them when you interact with others in a positive way.

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