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Tarot Spread for Your Why

Setting strong, specific goals is more than being S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable, Time-limited).

While those things are important, they are dry and unmotivating. The real motivation comes from knowing WHY you are pursuing this path.

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When things become challenging – when the bag of chips is in your hands, the drink is already poured, or the couch is beckoning – you need something stronger than the comforts of avoidance and self-sabotages.

This spread will help you gain clarity on what you want – and more importantly, it will help you get clear on WHY.

Reading the Tarot Spread

IMPORTANT: Begin by intentionally selecting one card that represents your current biggest desire or goal. This card represents something you want to be, do, have, eliminate, or enjoy in your life. If you get this, your life will significantly change for the better.

(If you struggle with selecting ONE desire, see the note below).

Place this card in the CARD ONE position.

Then shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out three cards (Cards 2-4) in the order shown in the image above.

CARDS TWO through FOUR: Why? Why? Why?
Why do you want to experience, acquire, or accomplish this desire? How will your life change once you have it?

With each card, go deeper. You can frame this as, “I want Card One because Card Two.” And then, “I want Card Two because Card Three,” etc.

NOTE: If you are struggling with choosing one desire, take the pressure off of yourself. There are two different ways you could address this.

  1. Let the cards decide. Shuffle the deck and lay out four cards, starting with Card One.
  2. Repeat this tarot spread three different times, with three different desires.

One desire should be a physical thing – something you add to or remove from your life. One desire should be an experience – something you want to do or stop doing. One desire should be an change in your habits or roles – something you become or a label you no longer identify with.

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