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Tarot Spread for Productivity

When we feel stuck or overwhelmed, it’s often due to mis-directed energy. We spend so much time avoiding what we need to do (and then spend even more time feeling guilty about it!) that we don’t move forward. We “waste” our most precious resource because we have never investigated what we gain by spending our time in this way.

This tarot spread will help you easily redirect your energy so you can get your needs met without additional guilt, shame, or other negative burdens.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

For the tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out five cards in the order shown on the journal page. Lay Card Two on top of Card One so it is crossing and covering it.

CARD ONE: Where do I “waste” time?
This card represents the areas of your life where you procrastinate, ignore your responsibilities, or otherwise “waste” your time.

CARD TWO (LAID OVER CARD ONE): What benefits do I get from “wasting” that time?
This card represents the specific and real benefits you get from “wasting” that time. Examples of these benefits might include feelings of comfort, escape from problems, day-dreaming to stretch your imagination, or time spent with people you love. You wouldn’t be choosing to “waste” this time without receiving some benefit for doing so, so be clear and specific on the positive elements of “wasting” this time.

CARDS THREE THROUGH FIVE: What are 3 other ways I can get those benefits?
These three cards will help you brainstorm some alternative ways to get those benefits. Once you have identified possibilities, experiment to see if these alternative ways provide the same rewards as you receive by “wasting” your time.

You may find that you are easily able to move forward in areas where you previously “wasted” time once you are getting your needs met in other ways.

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