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Tarot beginner? You’re in the right place.

Some people use tarot cards for fortune-telling, divination, or to harass their spiritual guides about when their ex is going to finally come back to them.

That’s one way to do it, but that’s not what The Simple Tarot is about.

Instead, The Simple Tarot is designed to make learning (and using) the tarot damn simple and easy for anyone who is interested in finding creative solutions for life’s little problems.

You don’t need to be into crystals, angel guides, or woo-woo flim-flam to use these cards. Tarot is simply a tool for creative problem-solving.

Hi! Welcome to The Simple Tarot, I'm Angie Green.

My name is Angie Green and like you, I struggled to learn the tarot card meanings and use tarot in my daily life for YEARS. It wasn’t until I gave up on doing what I was “supposed to do” that I was able to throw away the rules and finally learn the cards.

I use the tarot every single day to gain a deeper understanding of myself, my problems, and the world around me. My goal is to help you get to a place where you can confidently read the tarot using your own deep knowledge of yourself and the cards.

The Simple Tarot is a business but I give most of the information and resources away for free. I’m able to do this because of affiliate links, like the ones on this page. Read my affiliate & disclosure policy here.

If you’re new to tarot, then you might be as overwhelmed as I was when I started. Remember – there’s no right or wrong way to learn or read tarot. There’s only YOUR way.

First, get a great tarot deck.

I hope you have The Simple Tarot Deck, but any deck will do. For beginners, I strongly recommend a deck based on the Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism, like the Rider-Waite deck from U.S. Games or the Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot deck. I personally prefer the images on the Llewellyn’s Classic deck, but the U.S. Games Rider-Waite deck is more popular. The Simple Tarot Deck uses the same symbols as the Rider-Waite and the Llewellyn’s Classic decks, but is more modern in theme and design.

Get or create a disposable tarot deck.

This can be a second copy of your “main” deck or you can photocopy your tarot deck onto cardstock and use that. You’ll want to have a deck you can write on, color all over, take notes with, and generally treat like flashcards. You’ll destroy this deck in the process of making it yours, so don’t choose something “too beautiful” or too precious.

The Simple Tarot Deck comes in two versions – the Beginner Version has keywords printed right on the cards and the Classic Version has the keywords removed. You can use one as flashcards and the other as your main “grown up” deck during your readings for others.

Cheat until you don’t need to cheat anymore.

Get a simple tarot cheat sheet to use as you practice reading the cards. It really helps!
To get your free copy of this PDF printable Tarot Cheat Sheet, just enter your info here & it will be delivered immediately to you:

Bookmark this page of tarot card meanings.

This page that links to the tarot card meanings for each of the 78 cards is basically an index. Bookmark it for when you want to dive deeper into each card’s meaning.

Use the companion guide that came with your deck.

The Simple Tarot Deck Companion Guidebook was designed to be pocket-sized (if you have big pockets) so you can take it with you wherever you read your cards. This guidebook was designed for The Simple Tarot Deck, but can be used with any Rider-Waite-Smith based deck.

Take it slow and enjoy the process.

This isn’t a race. It takes time, practice, and regular use to get comfortable using tarot cards. When you have a problem in your life, use the cards to brainstorm new options and new ways of thinking. Break old habits and patterns by pushing your own boundaries.

Ask the cards a question and let them suggest an answer or new way of thinking. Go deeper than just Yes or No, and ask How, Why, and What-based questions. The cards will tell you a story when read together, so try a tarot spread with multiple cards when you need to go deeper. (Tarot spreads come in myriad varieties, so search until you find one that looks fun. You can get access to ALL of my tarot spreads & PDF printables here).

If you want to learn the card meanings and internalize their patterns, start integrating the cards into your daily life by pulling one card each day and recording your thoughts. Come back to it the next day to see how that card played out in your life. What did you see? What did you miss?

And remember – there’s no right or wrong way to use the tarot. The cards are tools that help you access your intuition. You can’t possibly do anything wrong when you use them.

If this website or any of The Simple Tarot resources have been helpful or if you have questions that you can’t find the answers to elsewhere, please reach out and let me know. This website isn’t just my job – it’s an obsession and I love every bit of it.

But it doesn’t exist without you, so please let me know if you find it valuable.

If you’d like to support The Simple Tarot, you can help by following and sharing the Facebook Page, checking me out on Instagram, sharing these posts on Pinterest, or just sharing these tarot resources with your friends.

And if you have questions or want to reach out, just send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

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