Do You Struggle Learning Tarot? Top 5 Tarot Beginner Challenges

Do You Struggle Learning Tarot? Top 5 Tarot Beginner Challenges

I know it can seem like learning tarot is going to take you forever, but it’s really not. I have taught hundreds of students how to read tarot cards, and their top five most common struggles are really easy, simple problems to solve.

I’ve put together this video to show you the top five struggles that I hear from my tarot students most often, with tips on how you can approach learning tarot so that you solve these struggles once and for all.

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The video goes into far more detail, but here’s the basic outline of what I cover…

Struggle Number One: Tarot Card Meanings

The number one struggle that I hear most often is that learning the tarot card meanings is hard and then remembering them (especially when you’re in the middle of doing a tarot reading) is even harder.

It doesn’t have to be so hard! This is what The Simple Tarot is all about. So if you are struggling to learn how to read the tarot card meanings, this website, the YouTube channel, and everything I create is to help you learn those card meanings.

Don’t try to memorize the card meanings. That never works.

Instead, start with the cheat sheet, which you can get as a free printable PDF right now.

And then practice, play, and have fun with it. Learning tarot is best done slowly, without pressure or expectation. You’ve got this!

Struggle Number Two: Court Cards

Okay, struggle number two is those pesky court cards, the Pages, the Knights, the Queens and the Kings in your tarot deck.

Most tarot decks don’t show the personalities of each of the court cards, so they can be hard to tell apart. And there are multiple ways to read them, when they show up in a tarot reading.

But it’s not that hard! I’ve got a really simple system that helps you learn, remember, and read the court cards. My favorite tool for this is the Court Card Map, and there are tons more videos on the Youtube channel to get you started.

Struggle Number Three: Reversed Cards

Once you feel confident reading the upright cards, what happens when the tarot card is upside down during a tarot reading?

First, you don’t ever have to read or learn reversed cards. I know many people, including professional tarot readers, who don’t read reversed cards are don’t read them very often.

So don’t feel like this is something you need to tackle right away. It’s not something you need.

When you’re ready, my best tool for this is the book by Mary Greer called The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals.

Struggle Number Four: Reading the Cards Together

Once you learn the card meanings, the next step is to read the cards right?

Well, honestly, you don’t need to learn card meanings before you start reading cards. You can dive straight into reading those cards, especially if you’re using a cheat sheet or flashcards.

When people struggle with reading more than one card at a time, what I often find is that they’re trying to do too much at once. They dive straight into the 10-card Celtic Cross Spread. That’s too complicated.

The best way to start reading more than one card at a time is to get comfortable with one card and then move to two cards, and then move on to the Three Card Spread. There are so many ways to interpret the Three Card Spread. It’s simple, yet incredibly powerful, and will keep you busy and learning for a long time.

Struggle Number Five: Not Trusting Your Intuition

I hear all of the time from students that they second guess themselves during a tarot reading.

Teaching you to trust your intuition is one of the best gifts that tarot can give you. Your intuition lives in your body, and to learn it’s language, you need to listen to your body as it communicates with you. The video above goes into far more depth about this, so I highly recommend you watch it if you are struggling with trusting your tarot readings.

Just remember the key to a life-long successful tarot practice is to take it slowly, have patience with yourself, and make it FUN.

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