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The Sun Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun card is extremely positive, and it’s often associated with life events like marriage, children, or material gains. This card is all about celebrating how far you’ve come! Things are going very well, so take the time to show gratitude and explore the world with your childlike wonder. 

The Sun card shows the connection between a fun, positive attitude and happiness and success. You’ve done the hard work, so now it’s time to celebrate and show your gratitude. Don’t delay in expressing your thanks and having fun. 

You’ve come so far, and when you recognize and acknowledge your accomplishments, you allow even more happiness into your life. Feel your deserved sense of confidence and allow your positivity to extend to those around you.

When The Sun card is reversed, it can mean that there are obstacles in the way of your optimism and confidence. Certain people or circumstances in your life may be blocking your positivity, and you must examine the situation to find the issue. 

Look critically at your life to figure out what’s standing in the way of your happiness and success. This reversed card can also show that you’re having a hard time seeing the bright side of a given situation, and you may need to let out your inner child. Don’t take everything so seriously and be sure to find time to be carefree and have fun. 

The reversed Sun card can also show that you have an unrealistic optimism about certain situations. You might rely on luck or superficial qualities to get you where you want to go and ignore the concrete actions you need to take. Yes, it’s important to be confident and optimistic about the future, but don’t forget you have to put in the work to see the results you want. Real confidence comes from experience, not from bravado or arrogance. 

Reading this reversed card using the “blocked/restricted” meaning

Okay, let’s jump into the different ways you can read your reversed Sun card. First, you can use the “blocked/restricted” reversed card meaning. 

When you read your cards like this, you’re looking for an obstacle standing in front of the card’s upright meaning. For The Sun, this means something is blocking your happiness, success, or your confidence. Something is standing in the way of your positivity, and the reversed Sun card asks you to identify and remove that obstacle. 

For example, say you pull the reversed Sun card while thinking about your love life. You have a partner you’ve been with for a while, and you always lean on them for advice and support. Unfortunately, they tend to cut you down rather than building you up, and they don’t often support your dreams. 

They tell you you’re not qualified for that promotion, or you’re not skinny enough to wear that dress. Here, the reversed Sun card is asking you to acknowledge these toxic interactions. This person is not good for you, no matter how much they say they love you. 

A supportive partner is someone who encourages you to shoot for the stars and builds up your confidence. Always. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, if they’re always dragging you down, the reversed Sun card shows you it’s not a good situation. They’ll only continue to block your happiness and success and attempt to keep you at their level until you make a change for yourself. And you truly deserve better. 

Reading this reversed card using the “opposite” meaning

You can also read your reversed Sun card using the “opposite” reversed card meaning. When you read your cards this way, you’re looking for the opposite of the card’s upright meaning. In the case of The Sun card, instead of happiness and confidence, you have sadness, depression, and doubt.

Say you pull the reversed Sun card thinking about your health. Perhaps you’re dealing with a major health issue, maybe a new diagnosis, and it has you feeling turned upside down. You don’t feel like yourself, emotionally or physically, and you’re worried about the future. 

This is leading to serious doubt and depression, and you’re not sure how to pull yourself out of it, especially since the future feels so unknown. Here, the reversed Sun card reflects how you’re feeling, and can show that you may start to improve with the right actions. 

Make sure you’re in touch with your doctor and that you fully understand the diagnosis and the next steps. Take a partner with you to your appointments and talk to trusted friends or family members. Let them know how you’re feeling and lean on them for help and support. 

Finally, this card urges you not to give up on the things that make you happy. Keep enjoying your hobbies and self-care routines as much as you’re able and bring some of that beauty back into your life. Even if you don’t have the energy to go hiking, you can still sit outside in the sun and listen to the birds. Just take it one step at a time and focus on those wonderful things you can still do and have. This is temporary, but love is not.

Reading this reversed card using the “worse” meaning

Another way to read your reversed Sun card is using the “worse” reversed card meaning. When you read your cards like this, you take the upright meaning and put it in a negative light. 

For The Sun card, you have confidence and positivity, but maybe these emotions are unrealistic or over-inflated. You might ignore important things in your life or neglect your responsibilities because you have such a strong feeling that things will always “work out.”

For example, you might pull the reversed Sun card thinking about your career. You work a creative job, like graphic design, writing, or entertainment, and you’re very talented. 

Because you’ve been doing this for such a long time, you have a lot of confidence. You know you’re skilled, so you don’t worry about improving or double-checking your work. 

In this reading, the reversed Sun card reminds you that your talent can get you far, but it’s not the only thing that will lead to success. Don’t rest on your laurels. You must continue putting in the work to improve your skills and find new areas to enrich. 

Devote time to deepening your skills, create solid professional habits, and build connections with people who can help you. Reach out to colleagues and clients for feedback to make sure your finished product is what they expect, and is delivered in a way that they appreciate and enjoy. There are a lot of jerk-face geniuses out there, and this card is reminding you not to be one of them.

Reading this reversed card using the “no/not” meaning

You can also use the “no/not” reversed card meaning to read your reversed Sun card. When you read it like this, you put a “no” or a “not” in front of the card’s upright meaning. For The Sun card, this means “no success” or “no positivity.” 

You might put a lot of effort into a particular area, but perhaps there is no chance of success or positivity there. Here, the reversed Sun card can tell you it’s time to move on to something that has more potential. 

Say you pull the reversed Sun card thinking about a new hobby. All of your friends are really into something trendy, like pole dancing. You’ve been to a few classes, but you’re just clicking with it. 

Even worse, this activity makes you feel uncomfortable, and it doesn’t suit your personality at all. You’re not understanding the moves, your wrists hurt, and you hate the music they play during class. 

Here, the reversed Sun card reminds you not to force happiness where there is none. Just because your friends enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you’re uncomfortable, don’t keep doing it. 

Instead, find another hobby that you do enjoy and invite your friends along. Even if you have to go at it alone, you’ll feel much better about a hobby that suits you, and you’ll meet new people along the way!

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