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Understanding the Swords Tarot Cards

The Swords tarot cards are sometimes seen as the most “negative” suit, but there aren’t really and good or bad tarot cards.

It’s just that Swords can cut both ways, and can be used as a weapon. These cards can be aggressive, but swords can also be a tool of defense and protection.

In this video, we’re going to cover the basics of the Swords tarot cards, so you can understand how they relate to each other and to all of the other cards in your deck.

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The 14 cards of the Swords suit represent the intellect, including logical thought and communication.

A sword can cut both ways, and many of the cards in the Swords suit are tough lessons to learn. The swords will cut through confusion, lies, and limiting beliefs. They can be used to attack, and they will allow you to defend your most cherished ideals.

The Swords, in general, often relate to communication problems, intellectual pursuits, learning, and information.

The Air element is represented by the Swords suit. In tarot, it is often depicted by birds in flight, moving clouds, butterflies, or animals or entities with wings.

A person ruled by the Swords (or the Air element) will be dynamic, witty, intelligent, and action-oriented.

If this energy is taken too far, it can become cold-hearted, distant, or cruel. They are excellent at solving problems and making plans, but their sharp tongue and cutting words can ruin relationships.

The energy of the Swords can be aggressive, but it can also be defensive and protective. Use this energy to set and maintain boundaries, clear up communication misunderstandings, and protect the people that you love.

Detailed Tarot Card Meanings for the Swords Cards

For more detailed information about each of the Swords tarot cards, click on the card image below.

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