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Simple Tarot Court Card Meanings

Reading the tarot Court Cards (the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings of each suit) is one of the most confusing and frustrating aspects of learning the cards.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard!

With a little bit of common sense, you can understand the tarot court card meanings and read them confidently and with ease. Watch this short video for more, or keep reading to learn all about the simple tarot court card meanings…

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Understanding the Tarot Court Card Meanings

First things first. The Court Cards USUALLY represent specific and significant people in your life.

Your boss might be the King of Wands and your neighbor might be the Queen of Cups. The sex of the person is irrelevant. Knights can be women and Queens can be men.

These relationships are dependent on the situation. Your boss might be the King of Wands in their professional life, but they are the Page of Cups when it comes to romance.

There is usually one Court Card that represents you in any situation.

Remember that your roles and confidence will change in different environments and around different people. Plus, you’re learning and growing and changing all of the time.

So, you will have many Court Cards that represent you – but in each situation, at any one moment in time – there will be one Court Card that most closely fits you.

If you can’t pair a Court Card with a specific person in your life or with yourself, THEN interpret the card as if it represents a role you NEED to play or a message you need to hear.

And to make it all easier, get the (totally free) Court Card Map PDF to help you map the people in your life to the court cards.

The Pages

The Pages are about fresh starts, new lessons, and study. Their energy is receptive and open-hearted.

They are often young, young-at-heart, or inexperienced with the situation at hand. If the Page is someone in your life, it will be someone (man, woman, or child) just starting to explore the lessons they need to know.

Pages need your support and guidance. They offer loyalty, enthusiasm, and new ideas.

Page + Cups = learning how to connect with others and have healthy relationships.

Page + Pentacles = learning how to build resources and take care of what they have.

Page + Swords = learning how to think clearly and communicate with authenticity.

Page + Wands = learning how to trust and use their own power.

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The Knights

The Knights are about change, challenge, and transformation. Each Knight is in the middle of their quest, adventuring on a Hero’s Journey containing obstacles and tests designed specifically for their own personal growth and self-transformation. Their energy is active and energetic, but may be hard to control.

If the Knight is someone in your life, it will be a woman or man who is striving with single-minded focus. It may appear that they are going after the Holy Grail of adventure, love, or success, but they are really searching for self-knowledge, discovery, and growth.

Knights need you to give them direction and a goal. They offer passion and action toward wherever they (or you) direct their energy.

Knight + Cups = striving for the perfect romance.

Knight + Pentacles = striving for financial or career success.

Knight + Swords = striving for quick actions and change.

Knight + Wands = striving for creative adventures.

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The Queens

Queens have faced their own dark side and have come out stronger. Their energy is receptive, compassionate, and intuitive. They are busy and involved, but want to help you. Personal connections are vital.

If the Queen is someone in your life, it will be a woman or man who works their magic behind the scenes. They will use surprising levels of strength to protect, nurture, and defend what they love. They are far more complex than they seem.

Queens need your loyalty, discretion, and authenticity. They offer connections, wisdom, and mentorship.

Queen + Cups = a wise protector of kindness.

Queen + Pentacles = a wise protector of resources.

Queen + Swords = a wise protector of justice.

Queen + Wands = a wise protector of passions and goals.

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The Kings

Kings are masters of their domain. They are leaders who have proven themselves on the battlefield of life. Their energy is active, assertive, and commanding.

If the King is someone in your life, it will be a man or woman who is at the top of their game. They make decisive and final decisions, delegate everything but their responsibility, and will directly affect the outcome of your situation.

Kings are sometimes inaccessible. They need your understanding and respect about the many demands on their time and energy. They offer solutions, connections, and answers.

King + Cups = a master of relationships and connection.

King + Pentacles = a master of material success.

King + Swords = a master of rational decision-making.

King + Wands = a master of creativity and power.

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Wrapping it all up

If you’re ready to take your Court Card understanding to the next level by mapping the people in your life to their individual cards, get your free copy of the Court Card Map (with instructions on how to use it) here.

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