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A Tarot Spread for Authentic Connection

To authentically connect with others, we must remove the masks we all wear. To be vulnerable, both parties must trust each other. When it comes to your loving family, friends, community, and the greater world, you must remove your mask if you want to be loved for who you are, not who you appear to be.

This tarot spread will help you identify the areas in your life that are preventing you from connecting authentically with your friends, family, community, or audience.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

For the tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out four cards in the order shown in the image above.

CARD ONE: Why am I keeping myself hidden? What do I fear?
This card represents the fears and beliefs you have about being seen, heard, and visible. What are you afraid of? Who or what might hurt you?

CARD TWO: What will I lose if I continue to hide?
This card represents the pain and problems you will face if you continue hiding your true self.

CARD THREE: What will I gain if I continue to hide?
This card represents the benefits you receive from hiding. Common benefits include safety and not having to confront failures. Use this card to expand on the other benefits you receive.

CARD FOUR: What will I gain if I let my true self be seen?
This card represents the strength, gifts, and benefits you’ll receive if you speak out, become visible, publish, share, and let your true self be seen.

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