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A Tarot Spread for Creating a Circle of Support

You can build an intentional Circle of Support to help you reach your deepest desires and become your best self.

This spread will help you understand your current Circle and give you direction towards building the ideal Circle of Support for your goals and personality.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

Begin by shuffling the cards any way you’d like and lay out six cards in the order shown in the image above.

In addition to recording your thoughts about this tarot spread, brainstorm ideas for how to build your Circle of Support with ACTIONABLE steps you could take in the near future.

CARD ONE: Support You Need but Don’t Have
This is the support (people, energies, and tools) you need to add to your life. To strengthen the Circle, start here.

CARD TWO: Support You Willingly Give to Others
This is the support you love giving to others. It uses your best skills, talents, and personality in service of the people you enjoy. To strengthen your Circle, do more of this.

CARD THREE: Support You Grudgingly Give to Others
This is support you willingly give but don’t enjoy. It may require skills, talents, or efforts you do not excel at – or it may be given to the wrong people. To strengthen your circle, remove or reduce this support.

CARD FOUR: Support You Have but Don’t Need
This is support from people who mean well, but they are not giving you what you need. To strengthen your circle, ask them to support you in ways indicated by Card One.

CARD FIVE: Unsupportive Energies from Others
This support comes from people who are trying to hold you back. They are either horrible people intent on sabotage, or they are well-meaning but feel threatened by your change. Eliminate this energy or address the situation to strengthen your circle.

CARD SIX: Supportive Energies from Others
This support comes from people you love, admire, and respect. They are giving you the support you need. Strengthen this part of the circle by showing them appreciation and supporting them in return.

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