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A Tarot Spread for Troubled Times

This is a very strange and difficult time to be a citizen of the world. Hatred spews out of the national news, our communities are divided by judgments and violence, and our families are being effected by what is happening. It’s a scary and uncertain time.

But all is not lost. In darkness, you and I get to be the light. You are powerful and have something positive to offer the world. This tarot spread will help you make sense of this messed up world and your place in it, and will guide to you finding your path towards change.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

For the tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out three cards in the order shown in the image above.

CARD ONE: When it comes to world events, what do I fear?

CARD TWO: When it comes to my community or local events, what do I fear?

CARD THREE: When it comes to my family, what do I fear?

Use your fear as an arrow to what you believe needs to change. Use your answers to this tarot spread with your journal to record your ideas about the following questions.

The world would be a better place if…
My community would be a better place if…
My family would be healthier and stronger if…

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