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A Tarot Spread for Finding Your Values

This tarot spread is unusual and will look different for everyone. Every time you come back to it, it will look different for you.

First, begin by shuffling the cards and counting out the top 12 cards. Set the rest of the deck aside.

You’ll be placing each of the cards into one of four piles, laid out in the image above.

For each of the 12 cards, work through them one by one and place them in the Values, Needs, Wants, or Not Important pile based on your interpretation of the card’s message or meaning. (This does not have to be the traditional meaning for the card, but using the Tarot Cheat Sheet might help if you want guidance). You may want to use the list of Values, Needs, and Wants in addition to your cards and the Cheat Sheet.

There is no right or “correct” way to place the cards. You may have two cards in the Values pile and 10 in the Wants pile. If you’d like, you can also use the entire deck instead of limiting yourself to 12 cards.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

Once you’ve placed your cards, use your tarot journal to record anything you’ve learned about your unique Values, Needs, and Wants.

Some questions to consider…

  • “Why is this a Value and not a Need or Want?”
  • “What changes in my life if I get this Need permanently met?”
  • “If I was to add more of this Value to my life, how would that change my decisions? What would I start saying no to?”

Defining Values, Wants, and Needs
A Value is something that naturally feels important to you and you may not understand why it isn’t important to other people. There is usually a sense of rightness and certainty with Values. When you get a Value met, your life feels whole and in alignment. You will want to continue living the Value.

A Need is something you must have to be your best. There is usually a sense of drive and urgency with Needs. When your needs are unmet, you’ll do desperate, foolish, needy, or self-sabotaging things to get the need met or to fill the emptiness left by the unmet need. When you get a Need met, it no longer drives you and the Need is no longer important. You will move on.

A Want is something or some experience you think will make your life better. There is usually a sense of desire or craving with Wants and the satisfaction is temporary. When you get a Want met, you’ll move on to the next desire.

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