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A Tarot Spread for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is HARD, especially when we have been betrayed, manipulated, hurt, or abused by someone we love or once loved.

But forgiveness is necessary so we can put our betrayals and painful situations behind us and move on with our lives as stronger, wiser individuals.

This tarot spread will help you identify the benefits you’ve gotten from your own painful situations and will help you leave those situations behind.

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For the tarot spread, first answer this question:
“What is ONE situation, event, betrayal, relationship, or person that I want to leave behind me for good?” Another way to phrase this question is: “Who or what am I unable to forgive?”

Reading the Tarot Spread

Once you have answered this question, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out three cards in the order shown in the image above.

CARD ONE: What positive lessons did I learn from this experience?
This card represents beneficial lessons or beliefs you acquired due to this situation. Focus only on the positive lessons or beliefs.

CARD TWO: What is the deeper reason I needed to learn this lesson?
This card represents the strengths you gained from this situation.

CARD THREE: How do I find a sense of freedom and lightness again?
This card represents the specific action steps you can take to leave this situation behind you.

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