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A Tarot Spread for Healing Beliefs

It’s natural and healthy to create boundaries with others so we can separate and honor our own needs. However, it is very easy for those boundaries to turn into barriers.

If you find that you have walls around your heart to protect yourself, this tarot spread is for you.

This spread will help you gain clarity on the the Where, When, What, How, and Why of your emotional walls. Once you understand these barriers, you can choose which ones to remove and which ones to maintain.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

For the tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out three cards in the order shown on the journal page.

CARD ONE: Emotionally, I hold myself back when…
This card represents the situations or relationships where you hold yourself back. There may be more than one.

CARD TWO: I hold myself back by…
This card represents the ways you hold yourself back, emotionally. There will definitely be more than one.

CARD THREE: I hold myself back because…
This card represents the reasons you hold yourself back. They will often be related to fears, limiting beliefs, or events from your past.

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