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A Tarot Spread for Putting Yourself First

To put yourself at the center of your life, you need to be selfish.

You need to put your needs first. Only when your cup is full will you have enough energy, resources, and desire to give to others without resentment.

Being selfish doesn’t mean you put yourself ABOVE other people. It simply means putting yourself first.

When your selfish desires come from your heart, from that deep knowing place within you, they will never cause anyone else pain. You don’t need to fear hurting others by being selfish. Only through being selfish can you add real value to others.

This spread will help you gain clarity on what your most selfish desires are – and what is stopping you from accepting and realizing them.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

Begin by shuffling the cards any way you’d like and lay out five cards in the order shown in the image above. The second card will lay on top of the first card, cross-wise.

In all cases, the card may represent a thing or action OR it may represent how you feel about the thing or action.

CARD ONE: My secret and most selfish desire
Deep down, you already know what you secretly want to do, be, have, or feel. What does this card bring up for you?

CARD TWO: The barriers to realizing that desire
What is preventing you from realizing your most secret and selfish desire? What is standing in your way?

CARD THREE: What I selfishly want to BE
This card represents what you most desire to be. It can indicate a role, a profession, a relationship, or anything that requires change on your part.

CARD FOUR: What I selfishly want to DO
This card represents what you most desire to do. It can indicate an action, adventure, professional change, relationship change, or anything that requires action on your part.

CARD FIVE: What I selfishly want to HAVE
This card represents what you most desire to have. It can indicate a thing, a luxury, a feeling, an understanding, or anything that requires acceptance on your part.

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