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A Tarot Spread for Saying Hell No

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, stressed out, and burnt out by saying “yes” to things we should say “no” to. This includes single requests for help from the people you love, regular obligations at work or in your community, and daily habits that you do even though you know those habits don’t serve you.

This tarot spread will identify ONE area of your life where you could say “no” – and then give you the strategies for actually taking action to remove the stress and overwhelming commitments from your life.

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Reading the Tarot Spread

For the tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out four cards in the order shown in the image above.

CARD ONE: What is ONE commitment I have agreed to that I regret?
This card represents the ONE responsibility, obligation, or habit you have committed to that you do not actually want to do.

CARDS TWO THROUGH FOUR: What one step can I take to immediately eliminate this commitment from my life?
These three cards will help you brainstorm different ways to IMMEDIATELY remove this commitment, obligation or habit from your life. Use this cards in combination with your journal to get creative about solving this problem, either temporarily by postponing your commitment or permanently by delegating, dropping, or doing it.

These are just ideas. You are brainstorming solutions, not committing to anything! Once you have a page filled with possibilities, come back and circle or highlight the ideas that you feel comfortable doing.

Then take action! Use the energy of these cards to eliminate this obligation, commitment, responsibility, or habit from your life.

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