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A Tarot Spread for Your Strengths

We all have personal strengths and weaknesses that are a result of our personalities, environment, upbringing, preferences, and abilities.

The fastest, easiest, and most effective way for personal growth and a happy life is to focus on strengthening our unique strengths. While we can’t always ignore our weak spots, we don’t need to spend much energy or effort on controlling, mitigating, or changing them. By strengthening our strengths, our weak spots will become less of an issue.

Please note: Strengths aren’t inherently good and weaknesses aren’t always bad. It’s what you DO with them that matters!

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Reading the Tarot Spread

For this tarot spread, shuffle the cards any way you’d like and lay out six cards in the order shown on the journal page.

CARDS ONE & TWO: What are my strengths?
These two cards represent your greatest personal strengths. These are the qualities, personality traits, habits, preferences, skills, beliefs, or talents that represent you at your best, easiest, and happiest self.

CARDS THREE & FOUR: What are my weaknesses?
These two cards represent your greatest personal weak spots. We all have weaknesses and yours are nothing to be ashamed of. Your weaknesses are often directly related to your strengths, usually as the opposite or “flipside.”

CARD FIVE: How can I use my strengths to eliminate or mitigate my weaknesses?
This card represents an idea for how you can use your personal strengths (shown in Cards One and Two) to offset your weak spots (shown in Cards Three and Four). Often, we don’t need to eliminate our weaknesses, we just need to deal with them.

CARD SIX: How can I strengthen my strengths?
This card represents an idea for how you can make your personal strengths even stronger. This is where you will want to spend the most time, money, energy, and effort. By strengthening your strengths, you will see the greatest results.

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