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Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles tarot card from The Simple Tarot, with keywords and the tarot card meanings printed on the cards.

Traditionally, this card shows ten pentacles floating in front of a family scene with an old man petting two dogs. A couple and a child are together in the background.

This is such a fun card, with so many different (but positive) meanings.

First, this is the card of absolute personal security. Your life (financially, materially, and emotionally) is secure. You have a happy family and they are well cared for.

Financially, this is often known as the card of inheritance. Your hard work will leave a legacy for others.

There are ties through the generations or family tradition, and you have wisely used your resources to take care of your family. This card may also mean retirement, property transactions, family reunions, the care of pets, or sticking with traditions.

The Ten of Pentacles indicates a solid future with a happy, safe, and secure family (whatever that means to you). That’s everyone’s goal, isn’t it?

Keywords for the Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

  • Inheritance
  • Retirement
  • Family and job security
  • Generational ties and traditions

Keywords for the Ten of Pentacles Reversed

  • Family conflicts or burdens
  • Financial failure
  • Loss, loneliness

Patterns and Correspondences of the Ten of Pentacles Card

  • The Pentacles = rules the material world and money
  • Suit of cards = diamonds
  • Timeline = months to years
  • Number 10 = beginning again with wisdom
  • Zodiac sign = Virgo
  • Element = Earth

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Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Love

The Ten of Pentacles is a happy card about family, whatever that means to you. If you are looking for romantic love leading to a long-term relationship, this is a very good card to see in a reading.

If you would like to find a partner, ask your friends and family to set you up with someone who would be a good fit. When dating, show your dates your true self. If you are putting up a facade, they may fall in love with a mask you can’t maintain. Instead, bring your best self out and ask yourself if they are right for you.

If you are in an existing relationship, things are going well. Continue to communicate with honesty, respect, and trust. You are building a long-lasting relationship together.

Because this card is so much about having a happy family situation, it can also be read to indicate children or babies. You may be expanding your family soon!

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Work

The Ten of Pentacles card indicates job security or retirement, as well as material and financial success. You are building assets and are able to take care of others.

If you are looking for a raise or to transfer to a new job, you are favored. Continue to work at a high level and ask for advice from your boss or professional mentor. Connect with your social network and community through volunteering and service. Let your leadership skills shine. You will be noticed and appreciated.

Professionally, you are ready to step up into a new level of leadership. You have gone through your apprenticeship and have learned how to do the work and manage others. You are ready to inspire and lead your team.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Health

You are leaving a legacy with your choices and actions. Others in your family, especially children, are watching how you treat yourself and take care of your own needs.

Every choice you make is a lesson for them. When you treat yourself as if your body is disposable or as if your choices don’t matter, they are learning to treat themselves poorly. Be an inspiration and model healthy living through your choices and actions.

If you are trying to lose weight or get healthier, stick with the traditional basics. It will not happen overnight, but you can control what you do today. As long as you focus on today’s choices and actions, the future will take care of itself.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Money and Finances

The Ten of Pentacles is an extremely positive card to see in a reading about money. You have wisely used your resources in the past and are now able to reap the rewards.

Your assets and resources have grown into a gift for the next generation. As dreary as it may sound, creating a will and an estate plan is an act of generosity, hope, and commitment. Create a plan today for how your money, property, and assets will be directed once you are gone.

This card can also represent property transactions. If buying, selling, or building a property is in your future, it is a positive experience benefiting everyone involved. Whether you are creating your dream home or building a real estate empire, you are on the right path for designing your ideal future.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings for Spiritual Guidance

The Pentacles are very material and practical cards, but they still have lessons for spiritual guidance.

When you are struggling to meet your material needs, it can be difficult to see the spiritual lessons or guidance. But the Obstacle is the Way. You will find the spiritual center you are looking for by investigating, accepting, and trusting the lessons you learn during this struggle.

You are never alone. The energy of the Universe flows through you and can be a source of strength and inspiration when you are afraid, stuck, or overwhelmed. There is always enough and you are always supported as you create your own abundance.

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