7 Different Three Card Tarot Spreads for Love

7 Ways to Read the Three Card Tarot Spread for Love

I used to think that finding true love was a fairy tale, something that happened to other people (maybe) or only in stories. But, much to my surprise, I’m now living my happily-ever-after with my very own King of Cups. And the tarot cards played a large role in bringing us together.

And I KNOW you can use the tarot to make your own romantic dreams come true, simply and easily. So, in this video, we’re going to cover seven different ways you can use the Three-Card Tarot Spread in a tarot reading specifically about LOVE. Keep reading for the full post…

Whether you want to find your true-love-forever partner or just someone for tonight, your tarot cards have got you covered.

Of course, I’m not a matchmaker or mind-reader, and neither are your tarot cards. The cards help YOU make better decisions, by helping you to see your damaging patterns and investigate all of your relationship options with clarity.

But first – if you want to take this seriously – download this free PDF printable to record your tarot readings. This tarot journaling page not only has space to record your three-card tarot spread readings, but it also gives you eight different ways to interpret the cards for readings about love, money, and all sorts of other situations.

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Interpretation One

Interpretation number one goes, from left to right, Card One represents You, Card Two represents the other person, and Card Three represents your relationship.


This is a great spread for when you already know WHO your true love partner is, and want more information about the relationship itself.

This spread can also be used when you have your eye on someone, and want to see how the relationship might progress.

Interpretation Two

The second interpretation reads Card One as what YOU want from the relationship, Card Two represents what the other person wants, and Card Three is about where the relationship is going.


This is another great spread for when you know who your person is, but you want a deeper understanding about the relationship and where it is heading.

Interpretation Three

Interpretation number three reads Card One as what forces or commonalities are bringing the two of you together, Card Two represents what is pulling you apart, and Card Three is about what needs attention in the relationship.


This is not a great spread to use when you are looking for someone new. Instead, this is for when you are trying to deepen the connection you feel with your current partner.

Interpretation Four

Interpretation number four reads like this: Card One is what your head wants, Card Two is what your heart wants, and Card Three represents what your soul wants.


This is a great spread for when you’re feeling uncertain about anything. It could be uncertainty about your current partner, your relationship status, or your future together. It’s also a great spread to see if you are really ready to start dating again after a break, or to determine if you even want a relationship at all.

Interpretation Five

7 different ways to read the three card tarot spread for love
For our fifth interpretation, this spread has Card One represents option number one, Card Two represents option number three, and Card Three will give you information about what you need to know to decide between the two.


This is a great reading for when you are caught in the middle of a love-triangle, trying to decide between two partners. It’s also great for making any sort of decision, so you can use it for Should I or Shouldn’t I type of questions.

Interpretation Six

7 different ways to read the three card tarot spread for love
Interpretation number six reads Card One as Strengths, Card Two as Weaknesses, and Card Three as Advice.


This can be read in so many ways. You may want to focus on the Strengths and Weaknesses of yourself as a partner, or of your current relationships, or of your current dating strategies. Get creative and use Card Three for actionable advice to move you forward.

Interpretation Seven

7 different ways to read the three card tarot spread for love
For the seventh and final interpretation, Card One represents your Opportunities, Card Two is about your Challenges, and Card Three is about the likely outcome.


This is a spread that can be read predictively, if that’s your thing. It’s general enough that it can be used for any problem, not just dating or relationship ones.

Putting it all together

You may notice that I haven’t included any spreads for “When will he come back to me?” or “When will she fall in love with me?” type of questions.

That’s because the cards don’t have the answers for those questions. You already know the truth, and trying to get “better” or different answers from your cards is a waste of your time and energy.

Remember – the tarot cards can’t change reality or make decisions for you. They can only help you see information from a new perspective and give you clarity and creative ideas for moving forward.

And if you’d like to learn seven more interpretations for this spread, check out this post using the Three Card Spread specifically for money and financial questions.

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