Trusting Your Tarot Intuition

Trusting Your Tarot Intuition

When you’re learning how to read tarot cards, trusting your tarot intuition is something that most people struggle with.

Whether you’re reading for yourself or others, finding your intuition, identifying it, and then trusting it are skills that require practice over time.

This video goes into detail about what your intuition is, where it lives, and how to strengthen it. But, I just want to let you know it is going to get a little bit…weird. Good, but weird.

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If you’ve been second-guessing your tarot readings or struggle knowing how to identify what the cards are telling you, this video is for you.

Once you master the tarot card meanings and reading more than one card at a time, it can be frustrating to “know” the meanings, but not really trust yourself to read them. Practicing reading the cards will help you build your tarot confidence, but confidence is totally different that intuition.

Tarot Confidence and Tarot Intuition

So we’re going to talk a little bit of about confidence first, because this comes up when people second-guess themselves.

If you hear yourself saying (or thinking), “I don’t trust myself,” or “I’m not sure,” or “My tarot teacher reads it differently than I do, so therefore I must be wrong,” – that’s actually not an intuition thing, it’s a confidence thing.

Confidence is something that may or may not exist within you. You may have lots of confidence, or absolute zero confidence. It’s a skill you build through time, through practice, through failure, and through perseverance.

You can start from zero confidence and build yourself up to a very confident person, just by taking little brave actions again and again and again over time.

But intuition is something totally different. Intuition exists 100% of the time in 100% of human beings. It’s already inside you, right now. No one in the world has zero intuition.

Unlike confidence, which you can build and strengthen and grow, you don’t need to build anything when it comes to your intuition. It’s already operating 100% of the time, 100% within you.

What is Tarot Intuition

Intuition is a voice that lives inside you that communicates through your body. It is the voice of Truth.

This is not your ego truth or the I-wish-this-was-true truth. This isn’t the society-says-this-should-be-true truth. This is your Truth.

Your Truth is unique to you and lives completely within you. And it is 100% true, 100% of the time. Your Truth will be a little bit different than my Truth, which lives in me, 100% of the time and is 100% true.

You and I do share a lot of similarities and commonalities with a Universal Truth. However, your intuition speaks completely of your Truth.

Blocking Your Intuition?

There are reasons we block this Truth, due to protection or fear.

We all have stories, beliefs, and traumas from our past (often in our childhood), where we learned to block our Truth. This was a simple and effective way we could keep ourselves safe.

This blocking of our Truth for protection has become a habit, and it no longer protects us in the way it did when we were children. It can be unlearned.

As adults, we also block our Truth because we are unwilling to confront or accept what it is saying. This fear of the Truth causes us to ignore or block it. But remember, just because we know and recognize our Truth (through listening to and trusting our intuition), that never means we need to act on our Truth, if we don’t wish to. It’s just information.

If you struggle with blocking your intuition and your Truth, one of the best resources for getting help is professional therapy or counseling.

Where does Tarot Intuition Live?

Your intuition lives in your body.

So this is where things get weird, or at least weirder than they have already. I’m going to be using words and language to communicate and describe the ways that your body talks to you. But, of course, your body does not use words or language.

There’s just no real like words for this. So instead, I’m going to be talking about the Feels.

Your feelings are your emotions (like sadness and joy and frustration). But the Feels are the ways that your body uses to communicate those feelings to you.

Each emotion has its own Feel. Your Feels are unique to you.

For me, my sadness Feel lives in my upper chest, and it feels like it’s compressing my upper ribcage down into my lungs, from the top down. When I feel sad, this is how my body communicates that emotion to me. Where does your sadness Feel live in your body?

The video above includes tips and hints on identifying your own Feels, for each of your emotions.

What does this have to do with intuition? Intuition is not an emotion or a feeling, but it communicates in the same way, by using the Feels in your body.

Your intuition lives in your body and communicates to your brain through physical sensations. That’s why we say we are “trusting our gut” when we talk about intuition, because for many people, intuition is a Feel that lives in the stomach or belly area.

But remember, we are all different, so all of our Feels are going to be different as well.

Intuition might communicate with tingles on the back of your neck, or maybe your hands get hot, or your right leg bounces because it has too much energy. All of those are Feels.

Reading Tarot with Your Intuition

For those of you who are pretty sure that you know what your intuition Feels like, the next time you are reading your tarot cards, pay very, very close attention to what’s happening inside your body.

By paying close attention, especially close attention to those Feels, you’re going to be able to see that your intuition has a way of talking to you – and it’s been talking to you all along.

You’ll be able to use that intuition and your body’s Feels as arrows pointing you directly toward your Truth when you’re doing a tarot reading.

But for those of you who have no idea what your intuition Feels like in your body, you’re going to need to do a little bit more practice. The video above goes into this in much more detail, and shows you exactly how to practice finding, identifying, and strengthening your intuition Feels.

Using Intuition in Your Life

It does take a while to learn what your personal Feels are for all of your individual emotions as well as for your intuition.

They are all there and they are talking to you all the time. You just need to start paying attention to them. Yoga is a fantastic way to pay attention to your body. So is meditation, solitary pleasure time (wink wink), long walks alone, hot baths or any slow exercise where you can get quiet and listen and feel pleasure in your body.

Just pay attention. Your body is talking to you all of the time, so listen to what it has to say.

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